Wednesday’s Word is Iterate, Then Again


(verb) to say or do again or again or again

– Merriam Webster online

A writer’s life. Wake up. Make coffee. Drink coffee. Check Email. Check Twitter. Respond to email. Start writing blog. Take break. Drink coffee. Check email. Check Twitter. Go back to writing blog.

Alone. Most of the time.

Get in car. Drive to coffee house. Friend arrives. Talk. About her looking for work. My blog. Her dysfunctional family. My dysfunctional family. Laugh. A lot. Get in car. Go home. Write.

Alone. Again.

Go to store. Buy butter, milk, bread, tortillas, beans, avocado, tomato. Go home. Write.

Alone. Again.

Sit at computer. Dog nudges. Needs walk. Stand up. Put on jacket. Walk outside in the sun. Even for a just few minutes it feels really good. Cold but warm. Go back inside. Take off jacket. Sit down. Dog goes to her bed. Sit at computer. Write.

Alone. Again.

Get in car. Go to library. Check out books that someone else wrote. In her house. Somewhere. A writer’s life. Alone. She writes. I read.

Alone. Again.

Tomorrow. Iterate.



p.s. What’s the pattern of your life? Do you ever feel like you’re in the movie Groundhog Day?

An Aegis of Peeps, Tweeps, and Bleeps!

Yesterday I had a bad day. If you read my blog, you know that. But here’s what you don’t know: in response to that bad day blog, I got amazing love and support!

One of the reasons I started blogging and tweeting was for the feeling of community. It’s a solitary life, this writing one, with usually just me and the dog. And sometimes that’s tough. Even for an introvert like me.

With some trepidation, about a month ago, I started blogging and tweeting—it’s hard to put myself out there. But I hoped for the best. And boy am I glad. You guys came through yesterday in spades: on Twitter and in comments. Much appreciated!

So this morning, in a much-improved mood (thank you so much!), when I saw the word of the day from, aegis:

(noun) Protection, support, guidance, or sponsorship of a particular person or organization – A.Word.A.Day (today) from

…I immediately thought of all of you. This blog is about, and for, all of you writers—my community—of bloggers and tweeters. Amazing one and all.

And while I know this may not be exactly the right way to use the word, here goes! I feel the love from the aegis of my fellow writers: my peers, peeps, tweeps, bleeps (BLogging peEEPs), one and all. And I hope you feel it from me too!

With love from wordsxo,


p.s. How has blogging and tweeting made a difference in your writing life? Do you, like me, feel like you’ve entered a community, under the protection of an aegis? I’d love to hear your stories of support, too!

Wednesday is Word(le) Day

One of the best pieces of advice I’ve gleaned off the zillions of blogs and websites I’ve consulted about blogging is this: Develop a following of readers through consistency of theme.

I’ve thought a lot about this business of theme and what the theme of this blog is. In a nutshell, it is:

I love words, words are used to write, and if you write (no matter the style or purpose) you’re a writer, and this blog celebrates all writers of all writing.

I know, it sounds pretty broad, but right now it’s working. And to address this theme, today’s blog focuses on words—specifically my decision, as of 7:42 this morning, to name Wednesday “Word Day.” Here are some FAQs about Word Day, devised only in my mind of course, because (a) I have yet to get any questions, let alone frequently asked ones, and (b) this is my first Word Day blog, so how could I have had any questions specifically about Word Day yet?

Q: First, the obvious question: Why Wednesday?
A: The obvious answer: simple, word and Wednesday, they both start with W, so it will be easy to remember. This is a basic word association rule I learned on Sesame Street.

Q: Why are you even having a Word Day?
A: Aside from letters, words are the most elemental building blocks of writing. I love words, and learning about their origins and meanings. I also like word puzzles, challenges, and games, and Word Day will sometimes have those, too.

Q: Why should I read YOUR Word Day blogs, as compared to the other zillion blogs or websites that talk about words?
A: First, I hope you keep reading those other blogs and websites (I certainly will; see the list of my current favorites at the end of this blog), but I also hope you read mine. I can promise you (a) interesting words and personal commentary, (b) thoroughly researched information, and (c) well-written blogs. In addition, I will blog with a sense of humor, striving to amuse.

Q: Why is today Word(le) day? What’s with the (le)?
A: Have you seen the cool website called Wordle? It creates graphical representations, “word clouds,” of any text you provide. (The picture with this blog is a Wordle created with the text of this blog.)

Q: Do you really think anyone cares if you have a Word Day? Or, for that matter, a blog?
A: Ah, that is a very good question that I will address in a future blog tentatively entitled: “Who Cares if I’m Blogging?”

Q: Are there any constraints on the words you will use for Word Day?
A: Probably only one. I can almost assure you that words will never be obscene or pornographic (as defined by me). Sometimes they will be groups of words, defined by a specific activity like cooking or science or another passion in my life. Sometimes they will be based on other blogs or #WOTD on Twitter. Sometimes they may be based on websites or dictionaries. Luckily for me, there is no shortage of words for inspiration.

Q: Are there any personal benefits you get from Word Day?
A: Yes! (And thank you for asking!) I love to read about and research words, and this gives me an excuse to do that. Also, at least one day a week I have a built-in subject to blog about. (I think this actually may be behind some of the advice that other bloggers give—do bloggers invent these days of the week topics or challenges or …. fill in the blank…. because it’s not so easy to come up with information to blog day after day after day after day after day….?)

Thank you so much for those excellent questions! Finally, as promised, I want to give a nod to all the great websites and blogs that I enjoy so much. Some of my current favorites are wordnik, wordsmith, Oxford Dictionary, oedonline, and Cambridge Dictionaries Online. I also just discovered the Times Word Nerd test for Twitter users. (I’m sad to say I got the lowest grade possible; I’m hoping it’s because I haven’t been tweeting very long.)

On Twitter, I follow tweeters who post a #WOTD each day, for instance: @wordnik, @awad, @oedonline, @cambridgewords. Just for fun, I try to tweet a sentence-story based on each tweeted #WOTD @wordsxo.

Oh, and in case I wasn’t clear at the beginning of the blog: today’s word is Wordle, a website where you can create “word clouds.”

I’d love to answer some real-life readers’ questions about words or why I chose to write about them. Do you have any word questions? Do you write about words, too? If so, please let me know so I can check out your blog or website or tweets. Is there a favorite word or type of word you’d like me to write about?

Thanks for checking in!

Cheers, Julia