Getting In Touch With my Inner Perfectionist


A photo from my recent trip to California

“I need to make a change,” I said to MEH (My Engineer Husband), my feet hitting the floor much too early this morning.

“What?” He mumbled.

I have a blog going live on Writer Unboxed today. (You can read it here.) I’d worked on the post all day yesterday, the day before, too. As I always do, I woke up early, especially early knowing I have a post going live.

I used to blog everyday. Everyday. My husband reminded me of that. But I don’t do that anymore. In fact, I’ve neglected my blog a bit lately. Probably because my writing is more varied, a lot going on. I have two novels under revision; in addition to being a contributing writer, I’m also an assistant editor for Writer Unboxed; I’m helping a friend with a tech start-up company (I’m doing the—big surprise—writing; I’m also about to start a part-time gig with another tech company.

What hasn’t changed is that I’m still a perfectionist. I get nervous when any of my work is about to go public—whether it’s on a blog (my own or another), in a published article, to a tech customer, on submission to an editor or agent, and even being read by a beta reader. I want to put my best foot forward, but more than that, I want my writing to make a difference.

For some of my writing—the technical or business—that means helping someone understand a product or service. For some of my writing—the fiction—it means connecting on a more personal, a feeling level. Finding a way to infuse my writing with the feelings I have, with the feelings I’d like my readers to have.

And that brings me full circle. My post today on Writer Unboxed is about just that. Feeling the feelings. Recapturing the feelings. Because whether I’m writing for a technical audience or a more personal one, that’s important to me. Reaching the reader. Getting to the heart. In that way, writing is writing. Bringing me even more full circle—this is why I started blogging (over four years ago), to say this: Words are words. And whatever those words communicate, and for whatever purposed, they better be the right ones to communicate the right thing.

Because I’m a perfectionist that way.


  1. I’ve been neglecting my blog lately too, in fact, way longer than just lately. I think sometimes that maybe the time for it has passed. I’m sticking with it, because what would all those people having bilateral knee surgery do without it? But I’m cutting way back. And I’m okay with that.

    It sounds like you’ve gotten yourself a few paying gigs. Always good. I may be looking to do that next year also. This is a lot of work for not a tremendous reward. I’m in the throes of promoting Where Memories Meet, never a favorite task of mine. But I feel like I’ve got to give it some kind of chance before I throw my hands up and proclaim I’m done. It’s good to hear from you. Along with writing posts, I’ve been neglecting reading them too. It was soooo time consuming. But I miss it.

    • A few paying, a few hoping will lead to pay…yes, always good! I need to check out Where Memories Meet! Good to hear from you, too, we need to make some time to catch up. Happy Holidays, Christine!

  2. Sounds like you have a lot of irons in the fire, Julia! I can’t wait to hear more about these writing projects. I’m off to Writer Unboxed to read your post.

  3. Cherry says:

    I have missed you Julia but that is life and what seemed new and exciting ( when your blog was new ) begins to feel stale . We all need new adventures …its human .
    I don’t get so much fun out of answering blogs lately …some don’t always answer and I loose interest .
    Yoga I have actually gone off yoga and it was my lifeforse .
    Earlier in the year l lost my interest in reading …thankfully that is back and I have about 6 books on the go at the same time …that’s when I know cherry is back .
    Things I loved and lost many years ago are back and I’m loving it , music , dance and singing …
    Who cares about the odd yoga session …I think I might take up cycling and maybe horse riding . I’ve already started rambling , I mean in a chatty way not of the walking kind . Lovely to hear from you going over to read your other blog now

    • Thank you, Cherry, and I’ve missed you, too! And I’ve missed blogging — things have become so busy and fractured in my writing life that I’ve suspended it…only temporarily (is my hope) until things simmer down. I love that you’re back to things you used to love. Horse riding sounds amazing, something I used to do, too. So happy to hear from you! Happy Holidays. xo

  4. Nina says:

    I totally get this and am similar. I take forever to write one thing. I also procrastinate. I have to say I find that when I take on too much editing, I can’t find the energy or desire to write as much. That’s my two cents.

    • Glad you can relate and I think that’s exactly what’s happening, Nina… too much. I backed out of one thing this week, and I feel a lot better, but it’s still a lot. Thanks for understanding and for your two cents!