Three Good Days


It was low tide so this lobster trap float was high on the shore

Late this morning I went to a favorite waterfront spot to take photos—the Town Landing in a small town nearby. It was packed (by Maine standards). Swimmers. Kids catching crabs. Sun bathers on the rocks. Two boats being launched,  a teenager taking off on his paddleboard.

It’s been raining for about a week. Today it’s clear, not a cloud in the sky, and there’s a light breeze. Humidity is low.

An ambulance was sitting in the small parking lot, but there was no emergency. Four EMTs sat on the dock eating lunch. As I walked by, I heard one of them say, “We get three good days of weather in Maine each year, this is one of them.”

It’s true. Unfortunately I only had my iPhone with me so my photos aren’t the best…but here’s Maine at its best. I guess there’s a reason we have state slogans like Vacationland and The way life should be. These days will carry us through the next winter; they’re what we wait for.

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There are plenty of boats in the harbor–these dinghies are used to row out to where boats are moored


  1. Karen Berner says:

    My family and I are renting a house in Harpswell in August. Sure hope one of those days waits until then!

  2. Ann Mc says:

    Beautiful – I am loving the photos you’ve shared. You certainly are showing the best of Maine!

  3. Cherry says:

    The may only be three days but grab em and enjoy . It’s the same here in Wales , we get lots of rain but at the mo we’re enjoying lots of sunshine . Love your photos .

  4. We visited the small town in Central Minnesota where my husband spent most of his teen years. It was the last week of July. His childhood friend announced, “You’re here during the best two weeks of weather (Last part of July) we have all year. It was glorious. Love the blue of the water and sky. Magnifique!

  5. I love all the water pictures you post! You are fab with the iPhone as well and these are so fun. I hope you enjoyed your days in the sun! Just so you know, we’ve been trying to find the sun here and summer hasn’t been much better than this spring. I just wish our clay soil appreciated the gift. 🙁