Adam Levine Makes Everything All Right


The view from our window… amazing how you can see forever!

We’re in Valentine, Nebraska, this morning. Yesterday a detour (a real, highway detour) took us off the path we expected to take (down through Lincoln, Nebraska, heading for Fort Collins, Colorado). We used to live there, and we’re going to see two of our best friends—can’t wait!

But we did have to wait. We puttered a bit yesterday morning…for some reason I thought it was a “short day” of driving (later when I told my daughter this, she said she thought it was a “long day”). In any event, we stopped at a lot of rest stops early on. In Minnesota we stopped at the Blue Earth Rest Area (how could we not??). It was a lovely rest area—we took a walk around the perimeter of the parking lot. And we saw a female Downy woodpecker at very close range on a green ash tree. It was a nice moment. We also saw a man with a Middlebury sweatshirt on (my son went to Middlebury College in Vermont).photo copy

The next three or so rest areas were nice, too. We also stopped at a gas station. Then, the detour—a longer swing than expected through South Dakota, which was absolutely gorgeous and we saw millions (well maybe trillions) of cows and windmills. We also saw our first cowboy of the trip. And we drank too much coke and other caffeine products…hence the final rest area in South Dakota…which I admit I started to be a little grouchy that we were even stopping at (we’d only just gotten gas), but as I started to feel the rise of frustration, a Maroon Five song came on the radio, we turned it up and started singing along, prompting my daughter to say: “Adam Levine makes everything all right.” Which I really couldn’t argue with, right?

photo copy 2And once again, I was glad we stopped because it turned out we were pulling into the Salem Rest Area—named after settlers from Salem, Massachusetts, and I have a special connection to that place through my current WIP. It was exciting!

Then we took a much smaller road (Highway 83) from South Dakota to our intended stop for the night: here Valentine, Nebraska, near the Niobrara River. It was an absolutely gorgeous, remote road and it’s absolutely gorgeous here. Another place we never would have seen if we hadn’t gone off our planned trail.



p.s. I’m sorry that I’m not spending as much time (as I usually do) worrying about proofing or laying out these posts. But time to pack up (again)!



  1. Julie Luek says:

    Just looking at Adam Levine makes everything all right. I could be his.. cough cough… older sister or an aunt or something, but still….

  2. I’m enjoying following along on your trip. It reminds me of when I went out to L.A. with Matthew.

  3. Shary says:

    Sometimes those detours (construction ir just for fun) can be well worth the extra miles. I’m so glad you built in enough time to let them happen.

  4. Well, they do say it’s all about the journey, not the destination. So cool that you found something relevant to your WIP, as a result of that unexpected detour.

    Hmm – still fans of Adam Levine after his faux pas on The Voice :-)?

  5. I’ve been following your journey and it sounds like you’re having a wonderful trip so far. What a great way for you and your daughter to spend special time together. Road trips, when you can take your time and meander a bit, are the best!