Finding Inspiration in My Own Backyard

Littlejohn Island, Maine

When I hit a bump in the road recently and wasn’t motivated to write as much as usual, Arizona writer friend Melissa Crytzer Fry gave me some advice:

“…find someplace outside where you can just go and be with yourself—take the camera. That ALWAYS inspires me. Just go take photos one day in your backyard to jar your creative juices into flowing again. You can do it!”

Well, I took her advice, and today I’m guest blogging at Melissa Crytzer Fry’s blog in a post called “The Photo-Therapist,” that you can read here, about what happened when I took her advice to heart (I’ll give you a hint: my guest post includes more photos like the one above!).

I hope you enjoy my post at Melissa’s, and if you aren’t already familiar with her great blog, you’ll definitely want to check some of her posts out too—she’s an amazing writer and a talented photographer.



  1. Ann says:

    I’m headed there now!

  2. The photo taking is really great advice. I’ll head over to read how it worked–and see more beautiful photos.

  3. Lisa Ahn says:

    Great advice — I get so much inspiration from Brenda’s photos for my fables. I’ll have to try the back yard too. Heading over to read your guest post now.

  4. Great idea and wonderful blog post, Julia. I am glad you are back in writing form. Sometimes, we never know where inspiration can come from, right?

  5. Pet says:

    And who needs to go any further with such a backyard!

  6. Wondered where you were. I’ll go check out Melissa’s blog.