Maine: The Way Life Should Be

When you cross the state line into Maine, you’re greeted by a big sign that says:

Welcome to Maine

The Way Life Should Be

In the summer time it’s hard to argue with that sign. (The winter? That’s another story!)

Today I’m participating in the iPhone Photo Phun link-up with Lizand Kristin. Liz and I have a very cool bond over our iPhones—we got them the same week and bloggedabout them the same week. So of course when I heard about her new link-up, I had to join in:

“Starting this Wednesday, August 24th, we’re hosting the first link-up of our new weekly meme: iPhone Photo Phun! What is iPhone Photo Phun, you ask? Well, it’s a weekly post that is comprised solely of photos taken with your iPhone!”

So, here are a few of the 313 photos I’ve taken since I got my iPhone—these capture a little bit of what summer in Maine means to me!

Summer wouldn’t be summer without a garden, and
this year’s no different! Here’s our vegetable garden.

And here are some of the raspberries…. YUM!
The morning glories are GLORIOUS this year!

Of course Maine wouldn’t be Maine without harbor views…
this is the boat landing in nearby Falmouth Foreside

The skies change and cast amazing shadows on the water….
here’s a view of Portland from afar
Another view of the Falmouth boat landing, showing the dock
and the tide pools…
minnows, hermit crabs, and barnacles (oh my)!

And finally, summer means lots of long walks
with our lab Abby… she’s about the sweetest
 and happiest dog around!

 iPhone Photo Phun


  1. I’ve never been to Maine, but you’ve convinced me – it looks gorgeous!

  2. Ado says:

    Raspberries, boats, and shoes w. dog – beautiful. I want to go to Maine! Isn’t it great what you can do with an iPhone?

  3. Liz says:

    I love an puppers photos! Hey buddy!

    I’m pretty jealous of your raspberries; it’s too dang hot here to grow them.

  4. Greta says:

    These are gorgeous photos! I’ve always wanted to visit…looks beautiful.

  5. awesome, awesome pictures

  6. Erika Marks says:

    What a fun collection, Julia–I can’t get enough of these snaps of Maine–especially knowing summer is in its twilight! 🙁

  7. These are such great photos! They look beautiful. And I agree those raspberries look amazing!

  8. Megan, Thanks for your visit to my blog (and your mini visit to Maine!)! 🙂

    Ado, I LOVE the iPhone — is that embarrassing to admit?

    Liz, Our pup is very cute, no question…. glad you enjoyed the photos!

    Greta, Glad you enjoyed the photos — and thanks fo ryour visit to my blog (and to Maine!) 🙂

    Dazee, Thanks for the visit to my blog & for your comment!

    Erika, No question summer is in its highlight, it’s starting to *sound* like fall…. really? Middle of August? Sigh.

    Leah, Glad you enjoyed the photos; wish I could share the raspberries with you, Ado, and Liz!

  9. Galit Breen says:

    Those are some seriously fabulous slices of summer!

  10. Country Wife says:

    Lovely – thanks for taking me to your world!

  11. Wow, so pretty!!

  12. Galit, I love the way that sounds: “fabulous slices of summer.” Exactly! Thanks for the lovely comment & visit to my blog!

    Country Wife, You’re so welcome for the visit — I’ve enjoyed visiting your world as well!

    PhaseThree, Thanks! And thanks for your visit to my blog!

  13. Your photo’s are beautiful! I would love to visit Maine! Also love the Dog. My girls want one so bad. Can you imagine life without iphones? lol

  14. KLZ says:

    I would love to have raspberries! Although I can’t garden so I’d probably kill them so….I suppose I’m best off to just look at photos of yours.

  15. Living the Scream, (I’m loving your name!) Thanks so much for the blog visit & comment on photos! The dog is the sweetest & from when my daughter begged us for her! NO WAY could I live without my iPhone — the lifeline to my daughter in college!!

    KLZ, Glad you enjoyed the visit to the raspberry patch — thanks so much for the visit to my blog & for the comment!

  16. Love the green and water. We have been suffering from lack of it. Yards are brown around here. So lush in your photos and I love Abby. Though there’s another black lab snoozing on my bed who’s sweet as sugar. Our Tebow is pretty amazing too.

  17. SouthMainMuse, So happy to give you the view of the water & lush green you miss! Abby will happily share her sweet status with Tebow! — labs are the sweetest, right? And I love that he’s (she’s?) asleep on the bed — a fave spot for Abby too! 🙂

  18. Anne says:

    Maine in summer is a pretty awesome place to be. Boothbay Harbor is one of my very favorite little spots. I used to go there a lot when I lived in Boston. A long time ago….I miss east coast berries. They’re just not the same out west.

  19. Anne, I know what you mean about east coast berries — we used to live in California then Colorado and the berries are different! Glad to give you a taste of Maine on my blog; thanks for dropping by & for your comment! (p.s. I’m closer to Portland but I love Boothbay too!)

  20. OK, well, I was already jealous of you living in Maine (selectively, though – only for the warmer months) but now I’m as green with envy as the green in your garden photo. It all looks IDYLLIC!!

    OMG, your vegetable garden is so incredibly LUSH. (Funny, I remember you saying that about the lawns here in Ohio :~)

    I love all these photos – you could put together a tourist brochure enticing visitors to Maine with this collection.

    How fun that you took them all on your iPhone. I still have a very old-fashioned cell phone so I don’t really know what I’m missing. But I take it from reading your blog that people can get pretty passionate about their iPhones.

  21. Ann says:

    I LOVE the pictures and I look forward to seeing more of this series… and life in Maine – during the summer – looks positively idyllic!

    I think my favorites are the morning glories and your sweet pup!

  22. Jeanette says:

    It’s so beautiful there! I’ve been to Maine a few times – I would visit during the summers when I was a single teacher in Massachusetts. Great photos – almost don’t look like phone photos 🙂

  23. Milli, Lush, yes! Idyllic? No. That was the biggest wake up call when we moved here, when I was (perpetually, it seemed) looking for a place called home…there’s no perfect place 🙁 However, in the nature department, in the summer, when humidity is low, Maine is close 🙂 As for the iPhone, I LOVE it! (sad but true)

    Ann, So glad you love the photos (see comment above about idyllic!). I think you picked my two faves, too. Those morning glories were the lovely surprise of the garden this year — came up by themselves! And the pup is the sweetest 🙂

    Jeanette, Glad to give you a sampling of a place you’ve been before! And I’m so glad you commented and came by for a visit! (p.s. l’m more surprised than anyone that the iPhone can take such great photos — we do a lot of photography, MEH & I, and the iPhone can serve in a pinch or a meme!)

  24. Pet says:

    I’ve never been in Maine. I will remember the summer advice. But I don’t know why, I think I would like winter too.

  25. Pet, Summer is lovely in Maine, and winter also has its own beauty. BUT it is very very cold and icy. Often it doesn’t warm up above 20 degrees F for days and days. And it’s quite gray too. If you keep reading my blog, you’ll see in a few months! Nice to see you!

  26. Anyes says:

    I love your Maine harbour views 🙂

  27. CMSmith says:

    Your photos look just like the way life should be.

    New England has always appealed to me on some kind of deep gut level. Maybe I lived there in a previous life.

  28. Anyes, so glad you enjoyed the pics! Thank you for your kind comment and visit to my blog!

    Christine, I felt the same way before I moved here–New England has a very romantic reputation and draw!

  29. I love the picture of the raspberries; they look so juicy! And Abby does look very sweet.

  30. Jen, I loved the way I was able to get super close to the raspberries with my iPhone so the light shined through them — I think that’s why they look so juicy and bright. And thanks for commenting on Miss Abby, she is very sweet!

  31. Your blog already makes me want to move to Maine and now I’m coming just for the raspberries!

  32. Sara, Raspberries and summer in Maine are lovely but winters not so much. My advice: live here half the year or come for a visit! 🙂