Rain, Rain, Go Away….Video from the Coast of Maine

Sunday, June 12, 2011, 6:24 a.m. EST, 50 degrees F

“Rain, rain, go away,

Come again another day.”

As soon as we got in the car, it started pouring

Specific origins of this old couplet poem are unclear, but this and similar poems are found in several countries (according to Wikipedia), including Spain, England, and Greece. Certainly I might have written this poem myself if it hadn’t already been….because it’s been a rainy few days here on the coast of Maine. But somehow we lucked out in the few minutes we drove out to the bridge overlook to make the video—no rain! Almost as soon as we got back in the car it started pouring.

Not much to look at in today’s video, but the sound of the incoming tide, lapping against the shore, is both unrelenting yet at the same time peaceful and calming.

In the garden this week, first we had extreme heat (over 90 degrees) which gave everything, especially the tomatoes, a much-needed shot in the arm; now very cool weather (only in the low 50s yesterday) with rain, rain, and more rain—which of course will slow things back down. And that’s the way some summers, and gardening in specific, goes in Maine.

This week in the garden: it’s up and down, first heat now too cool!

How’s the weather in your neck of the woods? 



  1. E.J. Wesley says:

    Oh, I truly wish you could package up weather and send it to other people! We’d love to have every precious drop of that rain down here in South Texas. We’re in a loooonnnngg drought and it’s so hot. Everything is turning brown and ugly. :0(

  2. E.J., I really do wish I could package up the rain for you. I’ve lived in the southwest during a drought….not fun and downright dangerous, too. I hope it gets better for south Texas soon. Here’s hoping….

  3. Cynthia Robertson says:

    We’re having a’cool summer’ here in AZ so far – in the high 90’s to very low 100’s. LOL!

  4. You’re right. That sound of the tide washing is soothing

    We’re having cool, cloudy weather with scattered showers: a refreshing break after a week or more of above-90s in a house with no AC. It feels nice to be happy with our weather.

    I just finished reading an exciting passage from a book about two teenage boys who flew coast-to-coast in a Piper Cub back in the ’60s. They just pushed through some truly awful weather and the blow-by-blow description was riveting. But only because I could do it from the safety of my armchair. :~)

  5. Ann says:

    Having a nice warm summer here – mid 90s in Florida with humidity and the occasional afternoon thunderstorm!

  6. Cynthia, So funny…perspective! 100s there is coolish; here, if it were 100 we’d consider it an inferno! Enjoy the cool summer and so will we!

    Milli, That book sounds amazing — what’s the title? Did I mention before that MEH got his pilot’s license before he got a driver’s license? And flying is one of his favorite things to do? I’d love to get him the book! Hope your cool weather holds out….we finally broke down last summer and got a (really inexpensive) window AC for the living room/kitchen. And boy did it make a huge difference!

    Ann, Mid-90s sounds really HOT…. so funny, again, how regional perspective affects our definition of hot and comfortable! You probably have central AC? I love the thunderstorms!

  7. Ann says:

    I have central A/C – a brand new one…ours broke about 2 weeks ago. It’s HUGE stand almost as tall as me!

    I love the hot weather, but I’m an indoor gal – so I want to wear shorts & flip-flops inside. I always wear SPF 70 and I’m as pale as a fish belly….and a Florida native!

  8. Leah says:

    San Diego has been strange the last week. Pretty much cool and overcast. One day was slightly humid. And I’m NOT complaining because I know most of the country is dealing with high temperatures, humidity and storms. But still, June Gloom is here.

  9. Ado says:

    Julia, weather here’s psychotic – super hot and then a wicked thunderstorm.
    PS: I love your vegie garden. (-:

  10. Ann, Our AC is only in one room and is the window kind — so far I’ve used it part of one day! I’m with you on the sun screen…. I’ve had skin cancer and don’t want to repeat THAT experience!

    Leah, It seems like there’s weird weather all over the country, doesn’t it. I guess La Nina is wreaking havoc everywhere in the east… don’t know if that weather pattern makes a difference in San Diego?

    Ado, I don’t do well with super hot weather, so I’m glad it’s staying to our south… although of course then the tomatoes will not grow. I actually found spontaneous mushrooms growing in our garden the other day!… Yikes, soggy! (p.s. we’ve only harvested radishes & spring onions so far, but the garden will be delish!)

  11. Thanks for the video. Great idea. I have a video I need to put up just to hear the birds in the morning in Beacon,NY. Loved the sound of the water. Thanks!

  12. Elizabeth, glad you enjoyed the video! I love the idea of a video with bird sounds in the morning! I hope you’ll post that. Thanks for the visit and the comment!