Busy Father’s Day (Video) on the Coast of Maine

Sunday, June 19, 2011, 10:22 a.m. EST, 70 degrees F

It’s a beautiful day on the coast of Maine—bright blue skies but a bit blustery (you can see the buffeting of the camera). This video compared to the last few weeks shows a particularly big change because the tide is much lower, exposing much of the sand bar. Compare to here and here to see what it looked like during high tide; it hardly looks like the same place!

With the lower tide and the beautiful weather, it’s a busy day on the beach this Father’s Day. Lots of people walking, playing, picking up shells, and sitting on the beach enjoying the weather. We saw two other people taking photos, and we also saw several kayaks about to launch. There were also several boats in the water—that you might be able to see in the distance in the video.

This is Maine summer weather at it’s best: warm but not hot, low humidity, and a light breeze to keep the bugs down! Absolutely beautiful for the beach, gardening, boating, or taking a walk or run. Not much to complain about—especially because there was a brief rainstorm last night so the garden doesn’t need watering!

Speaking of the garden….we finally broke out of the rainy cycle of the last few weeks, and with the warmer temperatures everything is growing fast (unfortunately even the weeds!). We’ll probably thin out this lettuce later today and have our first salad from the seedlings we pull up!

How’s the weather in your neck of the woods? Do you have plans for an outdoor adventure today?

Cheers (and Happy Father’s Day to MEH (My Engineer Husband) and all you other dads out there!),


  1. The video looks fun, Julia! Again, I’m struck by the contrast with the first few shivery, gray ones I watched when I found your blog several months ago.

    We don’t have any plans for today, except to work. (That’s work-at-home types for you – can’t keep away from it, even on Sundays!) MEH never had kids of his own, and he didn’t meet my daughter till she was in her late teens, so we usually forget all about Father’s Day (my own dad passed away many years ago) even though my daughter likes MEH better than her own dad. :~)

    Enjoy your bunny-sized fresh lettuce for dinner tonight. Looks tender and delish!

  2. Ann says:

    HI Julia! Happy Father’s Day! We traveled down to Daytona to visit our daughter, son-in-law, grand daughter and grand son.

    It’s the half way point between houses and they pack out tomorrow to move to England for 2-4 years. While it’s sad to see them leave, we are SO excited for them!

    Ran into a farm stand on the way home and bought some items. Honey requested that I cook dinner so I’m off to the kitchen soon!

    Garden looked so adorable. I bet those lettuces are tender!!

  3. Chris Fries says:

    Hi Julia!

    what a beautiful day!

    It’s been a nice one here, too. The kids and the granddaughter came over for Father’s day, and it’s been great.

    I wish your husband a Happy Father’s Day from one MEH to another!

  4. Milli, The video really does show the amazing transformation that little beach goes through as the seasons change — which is why we started making it. We were so curious! The bunny lettuce was delicious, and even though it was father’s day I still had time to work a little although we did do some gardening, too, in the lovely weather!

    Ann, How nice that you could spend Father’s Day with your daughter and her family; it sounds lovely! England for 2-4 years sounds wonderful, they must be excited! I’m sure you’ll miss them, but maybe some visits (and blogs about it!!) are in order. I’ll be thinking of you mom-to-mom tomorrow. xo Julia

    Chris, It really was a lovely day! We did a lot of gardening–MEH, our daughter, and me! It was wonderfully sunny! Sounds like you had a really nice day with your kids and granddaughter! Nice! I passed your Father’s Day greeting onto MEH, and we wish the same to you!

  5. Leah says:

    Wow, what a beautiful day! I love seeing the people scurry about on the beach enjoying their Sunday. The weather has been really nice lately. Finally warming up, but not too hot (although sunny enough to give me a nice burn from the park Saturday). There’s enough of a breeze and sun though. Heavenly!

  6. Leah, Isn’t it so fun to watch from above on the video? That little beach, right below a bridge, is wonderful for having that vantage point! I can only imagine the beautiful weather in San Diego this time of year, incredible! My dad lives southeast of LA, and when I talked to him yesterday it sounded like the weather was ideal! SoCal at its best! Lucky you! 🙂