A Walk in the Maine Woods with love from wordsxo

Morning inspiration: A walk in the Maine woods, blanketed in fresh snow. (courtesy of MEH)


  1. malkie says:

    “Morning inspiration: A walk in the Maine woods, blanketed in fresh snow. (courtesy of MEH)”
    Far be it from me, a mere writer, to suggest that Engineers are not the most powerful creatures in the universe (or, at least, in the world). But I would like to know how YEH contrived to have the Maine woods blanketed in snow, fresh or otherwise.


  2. haha! MEH is so thrilled that he finally received a comment! But he asked me to clarify: “I am a software engineer, which of course makes anything possible!”

    (But to be clearer in my writing, I should have said: “PHOTO courtesy of MEH.”)

  3. malkie says:

    Hmmmmm, as a technical writer in the software industry I am distinctly ambivalent about software engineers. This may not be the sort of comment he would be thrilled by.

    I hope you got one of the (few) good ones (;=) – it does seem that way, so I’m happy for you.

    Anyway, I like your blog. I often wish that I had the creative spark for your type of writing, rather than being stuck with the pedantic, always-in-editorial-mode, skillset.


  4. Thanks for coming back! And sorry about your ambivalence about software engineers….but MEH is a great guy with a wonderful sense of humor, and he will most-assuredly not take offense at your comment!

    So glad you like the blog–it’s great fun!