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War in Words This article about the War Writers’ Campaign appeared in the January issue of FAMILY magazine (copyright 2014 Family Media. All rights reserved).

Online Content

On Writer Unboxed as a regular contributor:

In Writing the Rails I wrote about my #AmtrakResidencyWannabe trip to Boston on the Amtrak Downeaster train.

I Left My Pen at Authors Ridge tells the story about my visit to Authors Ridge in Sleepy Hollow Cemetery, Concord, Massachusetts, where I went to pay homage to Nathaniel Hawthorne and other literary giants.

When Funny Just Won’t Come is about… well, it’s about what happens when I want to write funny but I just can’t.

Does Music Put You in the Mood? When I hear Bruno Mars’s song It Will Rain, I immediately start writing. My reaction is near Pavlovian…

An Abundance of Ideas If you ever need one or a thousand writing ideas, drive across the country…in this post (mid-way through an 8,204 mile road trip) I recount things I see that sparked writing ideas.

What’s In a Name? To pseudonym or not to pseudonym, that is the question! My debut as a semi-regular contributor on Writer Unboxed started a lively discussion!

What Working Out Taught Us about Writing OR How We Saved Our Writerly Asses    Collaboratively written with Bernadette Phipps-Lincke for Writer Unboxed

I’m Not Above Spying    When I wrote this post for Writer Unboxed I almost used a pseudonym (I’m not kidding) because it’s about some of the ways I come up with writing inspiration including observing every thing (and one) around me.

Elsewhere online

The Empty Nest Murder Mystery Series  (written as J.M. Maison) A guest post on Julie Luek’s blog, “the story behind the story.”

Be Inspired by Julia Munroe Martin  This contribution to Lisa Ahn’s wonderful blog series BE INSPIRED describes the source of my writing inspiration: “How will I write it?”

The Photo-therapist Is In  What’s one way to get out of a writing funk? Therapeutic photography is what Melissa Crytzer Fry suggested to me, then I guest posted about it on her blog!

Word-by-Word, Scene-by-Scene, Chapter-by-Chapter
What it’s like being a Third Culture Kid? A guest post on Emma Pass’s blog.

What Are the Odds?
Making friends on Twitter and through blogging; a guest post on Natalia Sylvester’s blog.

Maple Syruping in Maine
A guest post for Milliver’s Travels about how maple syrup is harvested and made in Maine.

Summer Vacations at My Grandma’s House, Poland, Ohio
I spent childhood summer visiting my grandmother in Poland, Ohio, and in this post on Milliver’s Travels, I write about that. And Milli updates my summer memories with photos of how the town looks now.

Regina’s Blueberry Bran Muffins
A nostalgic look at a bakery my husband and I used to go to when we were first married. I guest posted at Jennifer Walker’s blog (My Morning Chocolate) with this sweet story and a delicious recipe.

As J.M. Maison

I write The Empty Nest Can be Murder mystery series under the pseudonym of J.M. Maison. Desired to Death, the first book in the series, follows the adventures of Maggie True as she fights to clear the name of her former friend Cara, arrested for the murder of her much younger lover. After her daughter leaves for college, Maggie is left with the question “What am I going to do for the rest of the my life?” and solving the murder of the town’s playboy A.J. Traverso just may answer that question. For anyone who has ever faced a life transition and wondered “What next?” Desired to Death answers with an irresistible mix of suspense and intrigue, humor and heart. Watch for Conked! the second book in the series, to be released mid-2014!

Desired to Death is available on as a paperback or for your Kindle.