It’s Groundhog Day (All Over Again)

The Micro Farm

Time has lost meaning (I know, it’s cliche at this point). But, it’s true and it’s universal. Frequently I hear (read on social media) that people wake up unsure if it’s a week day or weekend. Also, we seemingly have all the time in the world . . . yet not enough..

When I worked at HP as a technical writer what really was years ago, my boss Nick used to say, “I’m having déjà vu all over again.” We all laughed. I mean what a redundant statement.*

Until it’s not.

I truly feel like every day is the restart of the previous. I do the same things now I used to do (since I’ve worked at home for years), but it’s different some how. Although I start with exercise, like I always have, I no longer go to the gym–now, it’s some combination of running/walking, indoor bike, weights. And sometimes the time stretches to a later time (one day I finished at 8 p.m.). Then I sit down to write.

But sometimes I don’t, because I don’t have time.

Because now:

I feed the sourdough starter (this is labor intensive especially since I turned one starter into two).

Water the microfarm of microgreens

Bake bread. Yesterday a loaf of whole wheat bread, frozen for the week’s use. Today the Challah recipe my daughter-in-law sent me. BUT that will use the final packet of yeast, hence the sourdough starter. There’s a national yeast shortage as well as shortages of other things, hence my next activity…

Procure food. This is perhaps the oddest new thing I do. Peruse the web for increasingly rarer and more basic ingredients. For example, no longer bread, now yeast and flour. No longer one pound bags, now twenty-five pounds. Flour, beans, cheese, rice (which is the toughest to find, I’ve found). Things will be shipped directly to our home. I am now watching preppers and homesteaders on Youtube, and asking myself, “Who am I?”

Then, I write. When I can. About anything I can focus on. (Which isn’t much these days outside of the above.)


All of this takes place in the very small radius of home, of course, yet interspersed throughout the day, during the breaks in my new routine, I take “trips” to the outside: I reach out to beloved too-far-away-family and friends far and near because you are who anchor me and remind me what is most important in life.

I observed to my daughter that life right now feels a lot like the movie Groundhog Day. Everyday is a day to perfect/work on what we have not gotten right for the day(s) before. Every day is a do-over.

As Nick would say (and believe me, he’d be incredibly smug to hear me say it), “It’s déjà vu all over again.”

What are you working on during this Groundhog time? Also, if you have an inside line on where to order (bulk or otherwise) brown rice, let me know!

* I know Yogi Berra first (and famously) said this phrase. But when Nick said it, it was the first time I’d heard it.



  1. Micky Wolf says:

    Yep, totally agree with the “Groundhog” state of being these days. Although have to admit I enjoyed the movie much more than the real life version. 🙁

    Your greens are awesome! And those lovely Basil plants . . . ah, can smell their fragrance wafting this direction. We hope to grow some outdoors when gardening season arrives. Great fresh to flavor dishes and for pesto.

    Stay healthy and safe. Here’s to finding brown rice and other staples. 🙂

  2. Jamie Miles says:

    Hey. So happy to see and read your posts. I had my first virtual Happy hour yesterday. That was fun. To laugh and share stores. We also traded favs of books we’ve read. I’m trying to get 1000 words on my WIP. Though I’m already ahead today as I wake up because instead of staring at the ceiling from 3:30 to 5:00. I got up and wrote. My day starts with listening to my husband and son talking about the business. And trying to keep things a float. We still are able to head to the store but I’m trying to stay home and slowly work through the pantry. It’s nice outside so I take lots of walks with the dog. I’ve met my trainer at her house. Trying to help her get some money coming in too. I must admit that even for an introvert (other than the scary things going on with health and finances) this is getting weary. But know that we are in this for a while and have to stay positive and for me I talk to God a lot. He probably gets tired of me. 🙂 enjoy your day. Last day of March.