Over a Million Emails (but who’s counting?)

photo 2Warning: This blog is a rant.

A few weeks ago I got a new computer. A laptop. A mac. Retina display. Enough storage so I could keep my photos on it without an external hard drive. Super fast. Super exciting. I love(d) it.

My old computer (also a laptop) was six years old. It’s a hand-me-down from my daughter. It had become so slow and ponderous that it took five minutes to download twenty photos—on my new computer that takes less than a few seconds. Did I mention it’s fast?

But there are glitches. It has trouble finding the Internet sometimes. I figure the Internet is invisible—right?—and we all have trouble finding it sometimes. So maybe I’ll make allowances. I’m clearly kidding. Not being able to find the Internet is an issue. But it’s something I can live with as an intermittent problem. Not like the mail thing.

Here are my issues with Macmail.

1. I can’t tell if my mail replies have been sent or not. In Macmail it says yes. But if I go to gmail (which I have redirected to Macmail), it says my replies are still there as drafts. Many of these emails are business or writing related—what am I going to do, write to an agent or a magazine editor and ask if they got my email reply? Hardly. Which means I now need to reply by going to gmail.

2. I can’t open my email messages. That is, when I double click on them (in Macmail), nothing happens. I can’t see any content. I only know that I have a message from, say (like this morning), Writer Unboxed. This is problematic because I’m a regular contributor to Writer Unboxed and I also coordinate guest posts…and now I need to go to gmail to read and reply to those messages, too. Or I need to bother guest contributors, asking them if they’ve received my “thank you for sending in your post” replies. Once again I need to go to gmail to perform a task I should be able to do on my brand new fantastic macbook (did I mention it cost a lot of money?).

3. This one is perhaps the most perplexing and troubling. This morning I noticed (after opening Macmail) that there was a message in the lower left corner of the viewing window; it said MAIL ACTIVITY, followed by: Incoming Messages…135712 of 135712, but it didn’t stay at that number long. As I watched, the number kept growing until it was over 2,000,000. MEH (My Engineer Husband) laughed when I said: “I need to write a blog,” as I dashed out of the room to get my iPhone so I could take a photo. Luckily the computer is so fast it processed those over-2 million messages in a matter of minutes. So fast I didn’t have time to take a photo of the over 2 million, only of the over 1 million message.

Here’s the question. Where did those messages go? (I can’t find them.) I assume they are old, archived messages because they don’t show up anywhere in MacMail, and I boggle at the thought of receiving more than, say, one million messages on Sunday morning…

But here’s the thing. If they are all new messages, and you are one of my over-2-million emailers today, I may not be answering your email anytime soon. For one thing I can’t find it. But more importantly, I’m kinda busy…

P.S. In all seriousness, if anyone from Apple is reading this blog? Please fix Macmail. There are several KNOWN BUGS (from what I’ve read online), and I really feel pretty duped that no one told me I would have problems like these and wouldn’t be able to dependably use email like I always have. I no longer can funnel all my email accounts into Macmail (as I’ve always done in the past). Instead I need to go to each of my three different gmail accounts (toggling back and forth) and to one other email account online at Roadrunner. Not convenient and not cool. That’s all.



  1. Micky Wolf says:

    Oh my…I hear and feel your pain. 🙁 Hoping there’s an Apple person out there who can help you. Seems every time I have upgraded or replaced a computer there have been issues of one sort or another. Aaargh! While that seems to be part of the process (sigh), it is no less frustrating as one tries to work out the bugs and get things running smoothly again. Hang in there, and it’s okay to rant. 🙂

    • I know.. it really does seem like there’s always something, right? Thank you for your empathy, Micky. Unfortunately since this is a known Apple bug I don’t think there’s any help available, but hopefully they will fix the bug soon.

  2. Patrick Ross says:

    Aaargh! I too feel your pain. I’m a Windows person myself (life forces me there, although I like the Surface I’m typing this on right now) but I lost an hour or so this weekend to tech nonsense (having to do with McAfee protection protecting me from the ability to do work). The bottom line is that all of this stuff is created by people who think in a way that most of us don’t, and what is intuitive to them is not to many (they also seem to think that “beta” is the way to go through life, in other words problems work themselves out by us dealing with them). Ugh.

    • I had to laugh at your reply since my husband is “one of them” (he’s a software engineer). And I used to be a technical writer who wrote about this kind of thing…and it drove me CRAZY when sw guys thought it was ok to release w/ less then optimum functionality or obtuse functionality. The consensus we’ve reached over the years is that in fact “they” do think differently. No question. And I think it’s also a case of the people who create the software understanding “the guts of the system or software” SO well that it seems to them that everyone should/is interested in understanding it to that level, too.

      Yet…all I want is to plug the damn computer in and do its job invisibly… clearly not necessarily going to happen.

      Thanks for your empathy, Patrick!

  3. Oh, dear! I feel your pain, Julia! Each time I get a new laptop (I can’t even admit how often), I feel completely overwhelmed. I still haven’t figured out everything on this laptop I’ve had for six months, and I probably won’t until I drop this one, and it also needs replaced. 😉

    • Thanks for your empathy! It’s overwhelming — and so unnecessary (see my comment to Patrick). It should be like a toaster. Here’s to a easy to use laptop that works invisibly the next time you drop yours 😉

  4. Cynthia Robertson says:

    I once had a steady stream of incoming email last two days. The only way to delete them was to actually delete them one by one in the ordinary way. As an added bonus, my phone trilled each time an email hit my inbox. I tried turning my phone off, but then I couldn’t get any client calls. And when I turned it on it trilled and vibrated like a mad alarm clock and I couldn’t take any calls till it stopped, which took something like 15 minutes. It drove me CRAZY!
    You are not alone. lol!

    • OMG, that is a horror story Cynthia!! I know you can probably laugh about it now, but at the time, it must’ve been beyond maddening. (btw, I hope I won’t have to delete each of those over 2 million messages… GULP)

  5. HOLY TOLEDO! I’m pretty darned confident that if I were in your shoes, my “rant” post would have been peppered with a few choice words that would curled my reader’s hair! I’m late to this post because of a really fun visit from my sister (I remained internet-free during that time), so I hope that by the time you read this the issue(s) have been resolved.

    • Believe me, the only reason the POST wasn’t filled with profanity is that I’d already vented big time to my husband and that I have a unwritten rule with myself to keep it clean(ish) here on the blog. Otherwise this rant would’ve been filled with BLEEP. 😉

      (thanks for your sympathy, Laurie! and so happy you remained internet free for your sister’s visit — that sounds wonderful!)

  6. Kate says:

    Yikes! I’m researching laptops and this is helpful. I know who can help, though. The geniuses in the Apple store. They’re wizards and have helped and sent me away satisfied every time. Good luck, Julia!!

    • I would still buy an Apple hands down, Kate, BUT I would be realistic (as apparently I was not) that my dream computer would still have issues and glitches. Unfortunately even the geniuses (probably) can’t help with this issue as it’s a “known bug” in the Apple online support boards. Thanks for the well wishes and I’ll be glad to help w/ the laptop selection 🙂

  7. I feel your pain, Julia! Ugh. Nightmare. You need a Mac “genius.: 🙂

    I haven’t had this issue with my Macmail, *knocks on wood* but I have had issues with my printer/scanner, which for some inexplicable reason decided to stop scanning. Printing it will do, but it’s decided to go on a scan strike. I can’t figure it out. Sigh… Tech troubles!

    • If this helps… apparently it’s a mail problem with Maverick either w/ a new machine or when upgrading. I bet that’s what happened with your printer/scanner too. Whenever I upgrade one thing, it often messes everything up. As for a mac genius, I really do need one…but do they really exist? :-/


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