To Do

This zinnia has nothing to do with this post. But did I mention it’s snowing again? I had to look at the
photos of my garden to remind myself what it looks like when it’s not covered in snow. (I’m not kidding.)

My day in a list.
Note: This was not intended as an amusing read, but when I read through it I was amused. My task for today is to get organized. Let me break it down.

Task 1: Get organized

Note: I don’t know how she does it (me, not the movie).

Task 2:Self publish Desired to Death

Subtasks:Approximately a trillion, perhaps infinity.

Task 3:Plan the second book in The Empty Nest Can Be Murder mystery series

Subtasks: Ditto subtasks for Task 2. Enough said.

Task 4: Go gangbusters on writing YA WIP, tentative title E&F

Subtasks: I am so excited about this project I wish I could just write all day long! (But note subtasks of Task 2 and 3 and entirety of Task 1.)

Task 5:Keep the house afloat

Note to self: I don’t ever want to clean the bathroom again or fold another load of laundry!

Task 6:Exercise

Note: You’re right, it shouldn’t be so far down on the list.

Task 7: Blog

Note: Oh yeah.

Task 8: Sleep

Comment: Yes, at this point (and sadly) it is a task.

Task 9: MEH. Not the word, the man. My Engineer Husband.

It’s a good thing we live together and that he doesn’t mind hearing ad nauseam about self publishing or I’d be in big trouble.

What’s on your to do list? 



  1. Barb Riley says:

    LOL Julia. Love your list, and I can so relate! I want to leave exercise waaaay at the bottom, but I have an upcoming wedding to go to, which means I need to wear a dress, and ugh… after a winter of butt-in-chair, I’m not motivated. But yeah, beyond that, I need to continue edits on my WIP and find some sort of part time job. (Not looking forward to that last one…) And keeping the house afloat will forever be on my To Do list.

    Have a great week! I hope your Task #2 is completed soooooooooon! 😀

    • I’m glad you LOLed, Barb. Okay, now you reminded me of ANOTHER task: find some kind of part-time job and/or freelance work. Not looking forward to that either. Task#2 will be complete soon! I’m inching ever closer…

  2. Julie Luek says:

    Sometimes I get lists like this going and then almost go into this stumped stupor. It’s like there’s so much to do, I can’t even pick a place to begin. So you know what I do? I get on the computer and comment on other blogs…

    Thanks goodness for spouses who love us anyway.

    (Did you have to mention clean the bathrooms? That was on my mental to-do list today, but didn’t make it to the written to-do list until YOU reminded me…) 😉

    • “Stumped stupor…” yes, that sounds very familiar, Julie. As for MEH, I couldn’t do this without him. So, yes, thank goodness. And believe me, I haven’t cleaned my bathroom in a lonnnnnggggg time 🙁

  3. E.J. Wesley says:

    Although it can certainly feel that way, it won’t take infinity steps to get DtD published, Julia! 😀

  4. Simply hilarious, my dear. Not to mention over-whelming; seems more like a list for a month than a day.

    The man or woman who invents the self cleaning toilet is certain to be a billionaire. 😉

    • Glad you enjoyed it, Cynthia! And a self cleaning toilet… why didn’t I think of that???? I think I just identified Task #10! WAHOO, billions here I come 😉

    • Self-cleaning toilet?!? I am so on board with that. Brilliant!
      I was just lamenting about how my weekends seem to be filled with errands after errands. When is there time for fun? Oh, yes, I think that was # 27 on my list of things to do. Right after “Win Lottery!” 😛

    • Do you think you, Cynthia, and I could split the royalties if we invent the toilet? And I’m so distressed: how on earth did I forget to add win the lottery to my list? I’m slipping…

  5. Erika Marks says:

    Love it, Julia! Just brilliant. (And I’m with you on the laundry and cleaning. Gah.)

    I know you have so much on your plate–and it’s such an exciting time to be in that phase of a WIP when you are craving it and wanting to get back to it as soon as possible!

    Now if we could just clone ourselves AND invent that self-cleaning toilet as Cynthia said, we’d REALLY be in business!;)

  6. Lindsey says:

    Love. Laughing out loud. xoxo

  7. Comingeast says:

    But it’s such an exciting list, Julia! Exhausting, but exciting. Let me know how to purchase your novel when the time comes. I can’t wait! As for me, I will be using my new steam mop. Woo-hoo!

    • Yes, it is very exciting, Susan! 🙂 I think that’s why I’m having trouble sleeping, actually, I’m just keyed up about everything. It’s a GOOD THING I don’t have that mop… that would make housecleaning way too appealing. (I’m serious!) I’ll definitely let you know when the book comes out! Thank you for your interest!

  8. Funny! But exhausting, too. One of the reasons I’m working more on short stories and less on my novel right now is because I can actually complete them and cross them off my To Do list. I probably need to add housecleaning to my list, but I think I’ll put that off until next week. Or at least until I can find a steam mop like Coming East has!

    • Glad you enjoyed it, Shary! 🙂 That is such a good point about short stories vs. novel form. I know what you mean, it helps me to put blog posts on my to do list, they are cross-offable more quickly, too! Smart move to put off adding housecleaning to the list. Although, honestly, if I had the steam mop, it would be on the top, right?

  9. Eva Natiello says:

    I’m a lister, too. In fact, sometimes if at the end of the day, I notice I did something that wasn’t on the list, I add it then cross it out. It’s sad, but makes me feel more productive. Especially, when the kids come home from school and ask, What did you do today? Well, I made a list…

    Hope you got it all done!

    • Ah, yes, the add to cross off lister — I’m that kind myself 🙂 The list is still long but I’ve done a few things on it. Plugging away, and makes me feel like I’ve done something!

  10. Erica says:

    Oh, those lists just keep on growing, don’t they? But it’s so satisfying to cross off the items and bask in the accomplishment.

    • Julia Munroe Martin says:

      Yes, the list grows and grows, but the crossing off satisfaction never gets old! 🙂

  11. Funny how you and I have the same todo list. That darn exercise. It started getting squeezed out of my day too and then I started to go CRAZY. I have to schedule a run, walk or swim in between a day of finishing assignments (that were due last Friday), blogging and writing the next great American novel.

    • Julia Munroe Martin says:

      You are a dedicated runner, and I really admire that, Jamie! I need to take a page from your book…er, a toe from your foot…or something like that. And yes, then I need to finish the latest writing assignment.

  12. Hi, Julia.

    We like your new digs, and we’ll check in on you here for now on.

    Kym with a “Y” and Mark with a Kym

  13. I have confidence in you.
    Carry on.

    • Julia Munroe Martin says:

      Thanks, Christine! I shall carry on (or maybe take a brief breather, THEN carry on!). Thanks for your support and encouragement!