When Good Appliances Go Bad

For the past several weeks, the town I live in has been doing work on the sewer lines in front of our house. First I thought they were doing regular maintenance but then they started cutting the road (in a square) away from the manhole covers. Every day the faithful town workers are there, blocking the end of my driveway with their machinery and orange cones.
And of course making noise.

But this morning there was a new noise. This morning it was a tree trimming company cutting down a large maple down the block. By the way, if you’ve never been witness to such a thing, it’s pretty amazing, but it’s also loud, very loud. The chainsaw, the chipper they grind all the pieces up in, and the thuds of large trunks of the tree hitting the ground. It can be a little distracting.

Luckily they were just finishing up when the sewer crew arrived to do their daily work. Which somehow seemed to involve the tree crew, because today I’m pretty sure they somehow got the wood chipper down into the manhole or at least that’s what it sounded like from the high whining sound coming up from the street.

It was just about then that I gave up on editing.

Maybe it was the high whining noise or maybe that’s when Mr. Appliance called. I’m not making this up, that’s the name of the company that will (hopefully) fix our dishwasher. Actually if I’m to believe there is a Mr. Appliance, I’m pretty sure it was Mrs. Appliance who called. You see our less-than-one-year-old dishwasher is not working properly. The lights and chimes that used to greet me in the morning before I unloaded the dishwasher? They no longer light and chime. And, the dishes aren’t as clean as they used to be.

That’s what MEH (My Engineer Husband) told Brittany at Samsung when he talked to her yesterday. Brittany told MEH that Mr. Appliance would come and fix our dishwasher on Wednesday. But Mrs. Appliance said no, no one told her that.

“Why don’t they tell me those things?” Mrs. Appliance asked me.

I wasn’t sure.

Instead—Mrs. Appliance continued—Gary who is “one of our best technicians” (who I don’t think is Mr. Appliance but I really didn’t want to open that can of worms today) will be here on Friday between noon and 3.

When I politely pointed out to Mrs. Appliance that Brittany told MEH that Mr. Appliance would be here on Wednesday, Mrs. Appliance said that there was absolutely no way they could do that—“our schedule is quite full,” Mrs. Appliance said. I was hoping for a simple: “I’ll let Brittany know not to make promises she can’t keep,” but I don’t think Mrs. Appliance and I were on the same wavelength about this. Maybe not even the same planet.

And speaking of other planets, somehow the blog I posted yesterday (Query Fail, which of course I can’t provide a link to) has gone missing, as in no sign of it on Blogger. Maybe it’s on the same planet as Mrs. Appliance, I’m not sure.

I wonder if Gary can help me with that, too?



  1. I noticed that post was gone, too! It came up on my Google Reader, though, so I hopped over to comment and tell you that I wouldn’t worry about it too much. If an agent loves your query, they’re not going to NOT request more pages just because of a double email. And if they’ve already rejected it, they’ll probably just delete and move on. The BIG fails come from authors who clearly query multiple times (not just twice, by accident) at which point it becomes obvious that it’s deliberate. When I first joined Twitter, I noticed that all the agents had this running inside joke because there was one writer who’d query periodically and number each query (it was in the 60s or something ridiculous like that). You’re not that guy, so don’t worry! 🙂

  2. Hmmm…maybe Mrs. Appliance, your blog post, and my plumber who is supposed to come instal a new shower are all lost on the same planet together….

  3. Barb Riley says:

    How weirdly random, that one of your posts is gone! Where in the world could it be?!

    We had Emerald Ash Borer disease rip through our suburb, and I will forever associate the sound of chainsaws, trees thumping to the ground, and the wood chippers as devastation every time I hear them. The village cut down and removed 1800 trees. 🙁 It changed the whole feel of my neighborhood.

    Good luck with Mrs. Appliance and the gang!

    • I’m telling you… another planet. Which one? Not sure. Wow, 1800 trees down. That’s so sad, and honestly I think I’d have lost my mind. I’m so sorry! 🙁 I was pretty stressed from just the one tree plus the sewer gang.

  4. Ugh. I hate appliance repair. I have been lucky, however, and have found a great company to deal with. Now if they could just do something about the bill. 🙂

  5. Ah, the headache of appliance repair. Especially hate it when the appliance cost a ton of money and it goes on the fritz shortly after you buy it. Hope it’s a simple fix.

    • I hope it’s a simple fix too…. THIS time we bought the extended warranty so we have another two years of repairs for free. Oh boy, hope it doesn’t take that long, though!

  6. Nina B says:

    Appliances–can’t fix them ourselves, can’t live without them. Or something like that.

    Missing blog post would drive me batty!!!!

  7. Lisa Ahn says:

    Even with all the noise and mayhem stacked against you, you’re hilarious. I love that you can turn all of this into an engaging story that actually makes me wish for sewer crew outside my house.

    • Thanks, Lisa — glad you enjoyed the humor — it was pretty cathartic to write, too. As for wishing for a sewer crew??? I think they finished up yesterday afternoon so I’ll send them your way 🙂 xo

  8. Erika Marks says:

    It disappeared? How bizarre is that??!! Oy. I am so sorry to hear you dishwasher is giving you grief. And I can only imagine the noise from the road “improvements” outside. Always makes me think of the poor birds being chased away, terrified.

    • The weirdest thing about the blog disappearing is that I can “see” the comments on the blogger directory but the file is empty when I try to click on the “replied to” place. The weirdest. As for the bird interruption, don’t get me started. “My” poor birds and squirrels have been through the wringer (the bird feeder is about 40 feet from the road work 🙁

  9. I hope all of the work on your street will wrap up soon. So distracting!And good luck with your dishwasher. Not long ago our clothes washer went on the fritz and when it spun, it sounded like a helicopter. It’s all fixed now, so I can do my laundry and write at the same time again. Whew!

    • Believe it or not, after several weeks, the road work finished yesterday — well, I think it did, they paved the holes. Yes, very distracting. No doubt today the neighbor who mows his lawn twice a week will be at work. As for appliances — the noise, the anticipation of the repair person, the not being able to get things done…. writing is still a little bit disrupted! But glad your helicopter is gone 🙂

  10. Emma Pass says:

    Oh, yikes. How frustrating! Perhaps the dishwasher ate the blog post…? Hope you find it and the dishwasher gets fixed soon! ((hug))

    • Very frustrating. But thank you, Emma, I never thought of that — maybe Gary WILL find the blog post in the innards of the dishwasher! 🙂 Thanks for the remote hug, I needed it! xo

  11. Those stump/limb grinding machines make me CRAZY. I hate the sound. Poor you. And my dishwasher’s front is held on my duct tape. (I so wish that was an exaggeration.)

    • The stump/limb grinders really are the worst, no kidding. But *knock on wood* except for the super early lawnmower this morning, no noise! Peaceful and quiet — TOO quiet, when will the other shoe drop? p.s. duct tape sounds like a perfect dishwasher repair! I hope Mr. Appliance is packing 🙂

  12. I’m sorry you’re having a bad week. I’ve recently had a similar appliance malfunction, so I feel your pain! Hopefully we’ll both be better–and back to editing–by the end of the week! Thanks for the post. It made me smile! 😀

    • Here’s to a more successful few days of editing for both of us, definitely! And I’m glad you enjoyed the post (and it made you smile)… writing it helped me improve my mood so I’m glad to pass the smiles along!

  13. I hate it when my computer, or the web (and I’m never really sure which one), chews up something and swallows it.

    Sounds like a good post too. I hope it resurfaces somewhere.

    Sorry about the dishwasher. You’re not crazy; it’s the rest of us who are. 🙂

  14. Ahhh! I just left a long comment…and Blogger made it disappear when I hit publish. Dang! I hate when that happens.

    I saw that post that disappeared in my email, and could read it there. But when I clicked on the link it got an error message.

    Sorry to hear about the neighborhood noise problem. Hang in there.

    • UGH. The disappearing Blogger comment… I know it well. So annoying. Thank you for leaving another one, Cynthia! And YAHOO the noise is over (well for today anyway)! 🙂

  15. I was going to say that I appreciated your honesty about your query fail :0) Don’t know that I would have admitted it! The disappearance is a sign~ that all is forgiven and you don’t need to worry, haha! I enjoyed your appliance story. Only a writer can use those bad experiences to make something entertaining. . .

    • That’s IT, Christina!! I suppose the query gods are smiling down upon me, protecting me from myself, haha. I’m glad you enjoyed the story and that it was entertaining — if I can’t turn household annoyances into fun stories, then what good are they?

  16. Boy can I relate to distraction… Dry wall tape, banging, hammering, air nailers. Roof guy, stucco guy … Raging washes … medical emergencies… I hope your washer is fixed soon. Nobody makes anything reliable anymore, do they?

    • No, no one does make anything reliable. Which is exactly why we bought the extended warranty for this dishwasher… sad that you have to pay even more for that, isn’t it? As for distraction, here’s hoping for quiet days for both of us!

  17. Oh that made me laugh 😀 It’s like a scene from a sitcom! Mr Appliance… seriously? Ha ha! Thanks for brightening my eve, Julia!

    • I’m glad you enjoyed it!! Yes, Mr. Appliance was here today… but did NOT fix the dishwasher, he had to order parts so he will be back in “about” 10 days…. stay tuned for “When Good Appliances Go Bad, The Sequel.” 🙂

  18. Ha ha! Oh I can’t wait! Although on a less selfish note… I hope it doesn’t go too bad – I’m all for real life creating humour in our writing, but only up to a point 😀

    • Believe it or not, this whole week has been QUIET. Still no dishwasher repair — Mr. Appliance was here, supposedly ordered parts, and now no word. As I said, a very quiet week. Eerie. 🙂

  19. And I thought the logging trucks were bad! It sounds like you’re living in construction zone. Hope it gets a little more peaceful next week, and I’m amazed that you whipped out this post so fast. Good work under pressure! Xx

    • Logging trucks. That’s loud, no kidding! Yes, this week has been a lot more quiet. As for the speed of the blog post? Thanks for noticing! Sometimes all it takes is a little fire in the belly 🙂