Sunrise Thoughts on Half a Habit

This morning I looked out the window at the sunrise and thought: “What a beautiful sunrise to capture on video…” Then my thoughts wandered to standing on the bridge overlook and making the weekly movie of the sandbar beach.

And then I remembered, no more. Apparently the routine has become a habit: look up the tide chart online to check the daily tide predictions, check sunrise and sunset times, put new batteries in the video camera, make a plan for when to go. In all, it would take us about an hour to plan, drive, shoot the video. Then another hour to post the video and write the blog.

A two-hour habit. Me, a creature of habit, said—a little wistfully—to MEH (My Engineer Husband): “It’s Sunday and we don’t have to make the video.”

“Isn’t it grand?” MEH said.

So here I am to let you know: today I’ve only been able to give up half the habit. If you visited today expecting to see the beach video, check out last week’s post and explanation for why it’s not here!

Are you—like me—a creature of habit? Or are you more like MEH—happier to just go with the flow and enjoy the ride?



p.s. Tomorrow I’ll be posting a very special interview and giveaway for my one-year blogiversary, so please come back!


  1. What a gorgeous pic Julia. I think it is hard to break habits, especially when they’re enjoyable ones, but we seem to instinctively know when the time is right to break them don’t we? For me, I’m more a go with the flow person like MEH and resist routine, although there are some routines (like my Saturday lie-in and a glass of wine in the bath on Sunday) which I am more than happy to keep! Hope you’re enjoying your new found Blog freedom Julia – I loved the old ones, but love these equally.

  2. Barb Riley says:

    I am 100% a creature of habit. So much so, that if I ever suddenly seem laid back and go-with-the-flow-ish, I know it’s an outside force working through me. 😛 And in my case, creature of habit also = stubborn.

    Ooooh…special interview? Giveaways? Woo hoo! I’ll check back! Happy early blogiversary!

    Btw, I love the sunrise picture.

  3. Emma Pass says:

    I am half-and-half – I like a bit of routine, but I also like being spontaneous every now and then as I get bored if things are too samey.

    Lovely picture, Julia, and I’ll definitely be back for your blogoversary!

  4. I’m a combination of the two. I have my habits, which I love…getting up early to be alone with my thoughts and write, for instance. But I also enjoy doing some spontaneous things, and I like pleasant surprises. I love to get the opportunity to get away and jump completely out of my normal routine.

    The photo is beautiful, Julia.

    Now you’ve got me curious to know who you interviewed, and what novel you are giving away!! Can’t wait to see. Have a lovely Sunday, dear 🙂

  5. I’m like you and I prefer a routine. My friends used to tease me that I’m like a toddler… I get bent out of shape if my schedule is disrupted. I don’t think I’m quite that bad, but I do have a hard time adjusting to change. I need a certain balance of solitude and companionship and my habits give me that. Sometimes I wish I could be more spontaneous. Do you suppose that can be learned?

  6. Abi, I am enjoying the freedom, but I do miss the routine! And I’m very glad you’re enjoying the new posts! (p.s. MEH took the pic! He’s a fabulous photographer!)

    Barb, I am such a creature of habit — even with things I’m not so crazy about doing (cough, cough — video 🙂 BUT there are some things that I’m so arbitrarily relaxed about — like last minute changes to social plans or spontaneously taking off to go somewhere… weird, huh?

    Emma, I like the half and half idea — like I said to Barb, there are some things I’m relaxed about (so maybe I’m 20-80, haha). Maybe boredom is exactly the word — I don’t like to do anything once it gets boring!

    Cynthia, You sound like the perfect blend Cynthia! I like to think I like surprises, but a) I hate to say it but it’s almost impossible to surprise me (I’m such a snoop), and b) surprises always scare me a little…so my family knows to be careful or I may bolt 😀 YES do come back — it’s a great surprise!

  7. Shary, I get a little bent out of shape, too, especially if my schedule is thrown off AND if it’s because someone else insists I do it their way. Not good. I am exactly the same way with solitude and companionship — there has to be a balance (more toward the solitude) or I start feeling alternatively lonely or overwhelmed. I do think spontaneity can be learned and especially embracing the joy of spontaneity — that’s one of the things I love about being married to MEH — he’s really helped me learn that: “Isn’t it grand” attitude!

  8. First off – I LOVE that photo; it is so breathtaking! I had NO idea that you put so many hours into each of those video posts (talk about a labor of love and THANK you for your dedication!)…

    Sadly, I am so NOT a go-with-the-flow gal. I think a perfect example of my comfort with routine is the way I approach restaurants: once I find a meal I like, that’s it. Done. It becomes “the” meal I eat over and over and over. Comfort. Routine. You get it!

  9. Melissa, Glad you like the photo! And you’re welcome! So happy you enjoyed the videos — labor of love or labor of blog? Not sure…

    Anyway, how could I have ever guessed we’re so alike about restaurants (and other no-flow-going? One of my biggest examples of routine: if I happen to eat out and not order “my meal” then I obsess about it during the meal and after… so annoying. I just cannot enjoy it. *sigh*

  10. Gorgeous photo. I’m a creature of habit. Going with the flow is actually more anxiety-provoking for me than relaxing. Happy Blogg-aversary! See you tomorrow.

  11. Each morning I always think “Ok today is Sunday…(or whatever day it is) and mentally rattle off the things I need to do that day, what TV shows are on that night, etc. Sandbar is always in my Sunday morning thought list even though I knew you weren’t going there today.

    I can’t believe your 1 year is tomorrow!

  12. Leah, Thank you (for the photo compliment!)! Funny you would say that — often going with the flow is much more anxiety provoking for me as well — especially when I’m dealing with the unknown. Then it can actually be a little paralyzing! Thanks for the early congrats… see you tomorrow!

    Sara, I know exactly what you mean, that’s EXACTLY what I’ve been feeling all week — every morning I look out the window and think about Sandbar…. it’s like I’ve gone into Sandbar-hyper-drive or something. EEKS. Here’s to both of us finding a new Sunday activity!! (I know, a YEAR, yikes, who’d a thunk!?)

  13. Everyone is habitual to a degree. You can still participate in parts of your habit to visit the bridge and have a moment of reflection. Or you could build an entirely new habit to take its place! This is an exciting turning point for you, the possibilities are endless. 😀


  14. Ashlee, Luckily I’m also easy distracted by shiny objects, so no doubt the bridge video habit will be long out of my mind by next week 😀 But, I agree, an exciting turning point and the possibilites are endless!

  15. I love this picture. In many ways, I’m a creature of habit too. I’m not surprised it felt weird not to shoot a video this past weekend because you’ve done them for so long. But hey, now you’ve made room for something new on your weekends. What did you end up doing instead?

  16. Jen, I’m glad you like the photo! As for what we ended up doing instead of the video: LAUNDRY! I know, not very exciting, but I think I’m really letting the house go down the tubes while I’m editing… haha 🙂 No doubt as the weeks wear on, I’ll come up with a much more exciting substitute activity! Glad to meet another creature of habit!

  17. Ann says:

    It’s a stunning photo and I live and die by the calendar….HUGE creature of habit here! I hope you develop a new Sunday habit that involves coffee, breakfast, the paper and good company!

  18. Ann! Somehow I knew we had the creature of habit thing in common 🙂 Believe me, Sunday already also involves bagels and lox and coffee (lots) and of course MEH. But maybe I should add in the paper! Or the crossword puzzle! Glad you enjoyed the photo.