Deep Blue Cold

(Sunday, December 18, 2011, 1:04 p.m. EST, 24 degrees F)

We’re in the deep chill, with a high today around 24F degrees. With a brisk blowing wind it felt much colder than that while we were standing on the bridge overlook.  There were a few ducks and geese swimming in the frigid water right off the sandbar, but it’s hard to see them in the video because the camera was being buffeted so much by the wind. Although it was cold, the view was incredible—with the intense deep blue color of the water and a set of solo prints on the sandbar—and for the first time ever you can also see the shadow of the bridge.

I hope it’s warmer where you are!




  1. Ann says:

    Julia – it is SO blue and clear outside it looks like summer! Brrrrr! Cold, but absolutely beautiful! It was a chilly 61F today. I am currently wearing fuzzy socks!

  2. Ann, It was beautiful, but incredibly cold with wind chill. And my face was so cold when I got back in our car that it was stinging and hot… not good! I think you’d need electrically heated socks here — if you wear fuzzy socks at 61 degrees! 🙂

  3. Ah, it looks so brisk and clear. I can almost feel how cold it was from listening to all that wind. Thank you for braving the wind to get another lovely video!

  4. I have one word to say: BRRRRRRRRRRR! That wind buffeting the camera around made me shiver even more than I am already shivering. Very cold here too and a bit slippy underfoot. As jacquelin said – well done for braving the cold!

  5. Jackie, Thank goodness I only had to stand on the bridge for a few minutes…. but still almost too cold to enjoy the view! I kept wondering about those ducks and geese: how cold were THEY!?

    Abi, Yes, I too was shivering BIG TIME after standing on the bridge… but we don’t have any slipperiness like you do! (p.s. we DO have that same word BRRRRRRRR for when we feel cold!!)

  6. Liz says:

    It just seems like you are breaking some kind of writer code by having “beach” in the same post as “deep chill”. Those 2 things just don’t go together! 🙂

  7. What amazing color. The sound of the wind is what got to me most, though. I can tolerate low temperatures on a still day, but if the wind is blowing like that, I run right back inside.

  8. The color of the water is beautiful, and the shadow of the bridge adds a human touch to the scene that’s almost like art.

    I looked at the temperature yesterday as we were leaving for West Virginia to see the Oglebay Christmas light show and it said 35. We haven’t had enough snow yet here to stay on the ground so the neighborhood is looking a little strange leading up to Christmas.

  9. Liz, In Maine “beach” and “deep chill” DO go together…. and the Polar Bear Dip on New Year’s Day proves it…. not that you’d ever find ME doing that kind of thing 🙂

    Shary, Believe me I ran inside VERY quickly after taking that video. Beautiful but TOOOOO cold!

  10. Milli, I was absolutely mesmerized by the water color — intense! As for the bridge shadow, sadly I didn’t notice until I saw the video on the screen…. so any artistic leanings were subliminal (ok, accidental 🙂
    We too have had a very dry Christmas lead-up…. with only a skiff of snow on the ground… which is fine with me!

  11. Wow, how is it possible that the water is SO blue? Must depend on the sky or something huh?…I don’t know what I’m talking about.. Hope you have a wonderful week Julia!

  12. Sara, I thought the exact same thiing… how is it possible the water is SO blue…. then I spent about 2 minutes googling it. Then I thought: what am I doing? I just need to post the video. BUT one of these days? One of these days I’ll find out and I’ll tell you because I don’t know what I’m talking about either!

  13. Loveforfood says:

    that is amazing.. the colour of the water is superb.

  14. That looks spectacular and cold. Brrr. (I am avoiding leaving the house today because of the cold)

  15. Lisa, You were so smart! I left the house today only twice — and was immediately sorry I hadn’t bundled up more! So tomorrow…. more home time!! BRRR!

  16. Loveforfood, Glad you enjoyed the video and the deep color of the water! Thank you for your comment and thank you for your visit to my blog! Nice to meet you!

  17. I don’t envy your cold weather… but that blue is stunning! Happy holidays, friend!

  18. Erika Marks says:

    Oh, that crisp cold–I can smell it! (I know you know what I mean!;))

    I miss the seasons of the beach–I so do. Which is why I’m so grateful for your wonderful videos, my dear!

  19. Wow, that looks so beautiful! The definition of crisp, clear and cold. Here in San Diego, it’s definitely colder and windy. Not crisp. But the nights have been clear where you can see the starts and planets. It’s winter for sure!

  20. Melissa, This weather is definitely not my favorite, either…. but as you say, the blue is stunning. Happy Holidays to you, too, my friend! 🙂

    Erika, Yes, the crisp cold has a very distinct smell on the coast of Maine — no question one of the parts I love the most. I’m so glad my videos can help bring that to you!

    Leah, I love those nights in San Diego when the sky is brilliantly clear and you can see the stars and planets so clearly. It’s so interesting how different the winter weather conditions are on the two coasts and what signs signal winter to each of us!

  21. Oooh chilly! We’re having an absolutely delightfully mild summer so far. Christmas Day with a forecast high of 32°C/89°F? Woohoo!


  22. CMSmith says:

    It has been quite balmy here for this Christmas holiday, although the temperatures have recently been more winter chill the last day or two.

    I saw a little snow sprinkled in with the rain yesterday. Still no snow on the ground. I always love a good blanket of snow.

  23. Ashlee, 89 degrees on Christmas!! It’s so funny for me to think of that (when growing up in California we sometimes had 70s, though)… I love hearing about our reverse seasons!

    Christine, After rain last night — and almost 50 today — our snow is all gone again! What a very weird winter, that I guess is your experience as well! I love a fresh blanket of snow, too, as long as no travel is necessary! 🙂