Picture Perfect (Video) Day on the Coast of Maine

(Sunday, November 6, 2011, 11:30 a.m. EST, 50 degrees F)

Incredible. To have this weather in November is spectacular. The view from the overlook was phenomenal today. And it was a little surreal to watch the two Great Danes on the beach. (I truly thought they were ponies as we pulled into the parking lot!) An absolutely stunning day that words cannot do justice.

Meanwhile in the garden… we are clearing up the garden beds, going through a rushed fall clean up following last weekend’s surprise snowstorm. Almost every trace of the snow is gone now so today we’re tidying up: raking beds and some leaves, planting some daffodils, putting up a new mailbox (our old one was rusted through), mowing down the mint, pulling carrots, and putting away trellises, bean poles, etc., etc. Later today I’ll make a big pot of chili that we can eat for several meals this week, and then I’ll get some editing done on the WIP while MEH (My Engineer Husband) writes code to display graph overlays on a scientific instrument.

Here’s what the perennial bed looked like in July, what seems like yesterday!
This is how the perennial flower bed looked after we finished cleaning it up.
(That really WAS yesterday!) Later today we’ll plant Daffodil bulbs in this flower bed!


  1. What a peaceful video clip. And what huge dogs! They looked pretty calm, though. My Lola would have been splashing around in the water and begging for me to toss a ball for her.

  2. Wow, what a great contrast in your garden! Glad you’re getting some decent weather to finish up the final gardening duties before the cold season really sets in. 🙂


  3. Erika Marks says:

    I love to think of such beautiful weather there!

    Your landscaping is gorgeous, Julia. (Dahlia would be impressed!;)) I think back on when Ian and I had our house and he would put the beds to bed, so to speak, each fall and the ritual of that and how important and special that was. To every season, indeed.

  4. I just loved your video. It was a nice, peaceful interlude, like an intermission between hectic parts of my day. So thank you for that!

  5. It’s a cold, rainy and stormy Sunday here in San Diego. I’m not complaining after days of hot and dry weather. That is really amazing how the garden bed changed. You have a beautiful space. If I had that, I’d be sitting out there all the time.

  6. Pet says:

    Weather is crazy!

  7. Shary, Glad you enjoyed the video — it was SO peaceful and lovely out there yesterday! My husband made a similar comment about the dogs: “not swimmers.” Our lab, like your Lola, would’ve been in the water!

    Ashlee, Isn’t the contrast crazy? I was pretty surprised because I was thinking the grass still looked pretty green! And we were thinking the exact same thing: lucky us to get another decent weekend to happily get some work done! 🙂

    Erika, Yesterday came as close to perfect as I can imagine for yard work… gorgeous and nice and cool. But no wind. Lovely! And helped us achieve our yearly goal of putting the beds to bed (we don’t always make it…). I’m glad you (and Dahlia) like the landscaping…. but let me just say that I’m pretty strategic in my photography, making sure I show the better maintained areas… 🙂

    Jackie, Glad you enjoyed the video and it gave you an intermission in your hectic day. That’s exactly how I felt when I was standing there, too. It’s one of the reasons I usually enjoy those video times so much…. I have to stand on the bridge and just be. Very nice times!

    Leah, I’m glad you have a respite in your heat — I love the rain, too, so I can imagine how nice it is. Thank you for the compliment on the garden…. I have to say that is my favorite spot to sit in, too — makes me feel like I live in a park. If you come to Maine, please join me for some time in the garden. That would be lovely!

    Pet, The weather IS crazy!! Crazy indeed! 🙂

  8. CMSmith says:

    I read this on my iPhone last night as I was sitting in the theatre waiting for WICKED to start. I tried to comment then, got everything in except my name on the required form and the lights went out. Arrrgh.

    One comment and two questions:
    What a great idea to show this slice of life on a small pennisula beach. Over time you have quite a story.

    Do you cut all your perennials down for winter? Sometimes I leave some of them up. I think I read somewhere they can provide interest in the winter and some things birds can still eat seeds from.

    Can I come and sit in one of your adirondack chairs next spring or summer?

  9. Ann says:

    What a beautiful CLEAR day! When it was 50 the other day in Florida, it was blustery. Not my favorite! The work you put in the garden & flower beds certainly paid off! Chili sounds yummy for the weather….an idyllic day!

  10. What a lovely video clip. We had an amazing honeymoon to New England in September. I’ve been writing about it on my blog – if you have time, have a look – from a Brit’s point of view.

  11. What a garden! I’ve found that writers and artists and quilters always seem to have the most beautiful gardens. And I’ve never been to Maine – but your temps sound familiar to mine here in Colorado these days. Cold and snow – then warm and luscious. Love your description of your day – and love your blog. Oh – and the video of the sea – since I’m in the Rocky Mountain foothills.
    The Empty Nest Mom

  12. Christine, Sorry about the bad timing with comments during WICKED… but WICKED, very cool! My answers:
    1-It’s so true we’ve got great videos over the year, not sure what we’ll do in February with them but it will be something…
    2-Yes, those perennials are cut down. Luckily we have many others in our garden that I probably will never cut down (no time). I only ever show the best kept parts of my yard. The rest looks much less presentable at any given time, haha. So I agree, not cutting is nice because they look beautiful AND birds, etc. eat the seeds!
    3-YES you of COURSE can visit. In fact, let this be an invitation! We’ll sip mojitos from the fresh mint and eat chips & salsa from fresh garden tomatoes!

    Ann, It was beautiful, clear, and non-windy. A real treat while working outside! As for the chili, it’s cooking this morning because I flat ran out of time yesterday and we had pizza! Wish you’d have been here to see the day, Ann — I think you’d have loved it! (Sweater weather for you but still, beautiful!)

    Alison, Thank you so much for the compliment! I took a quick look at your most recent post on Moosehead, etc., and will go back later for a better look — but it will be very very fun to read from your POV! (I actually have some other readers in Britain, too!) So happy you stopped in for a visit with the link to your blog. It’s great to meet you!

    Barbara, Thanks for the compliment on the garden! That’s interesting about the quilters and writers and artists and gardens — I hadn’t ever noticed it, but it makes so much sense because we’re an introspective bunch with lots of creativity and lots of time at home usually!! Believe it or not, I used to live in Colorado! We lived in Ft. Collins and Boulder — and this week reminds me so much of the front range weather: we had a big snow that melted in a few days. Very very rare for us. Usually once it snows we’re stuck with it until May! I really miss that about Colorado. I know exactly what you mean about missing the sea… my husband felt like that in Colorado (one of the reasons we moved here). Feel free to visit anytime. So nice to meet you and thank you especially for your comment! I’ll check out your blog!

  13. Liz says:

    How is it that your yard looks like this?!? After the storm?!? I have friends in NH who are still without power!

  14. Liz, Really? friends in NH without power still? That’s terrible! I did meet one person a few days ago who had come to Maine to get away from her house in NH without power! As for my yard? The first pic is mid-July pre any storm… it’s the second pic I took yesterday — and most of our snow is long gone! (We only got six inches)

  15. Daylight savings time has brought unique weather everywhere. There’s snow all up and down California. I think a Great Dane-Pony hybrid probably looks like the horses of the apocalypse.

  16. Sara, YIKES, now I’ll be watching for the horses of the apocalypse when I go out there! :-0 As for Daylight Savings, I always always have problems adjusting. So I guess I can’t blame the weather for the same!

  17. Katie Shea says:

    So strange how we can get a snowstorm one week and then next, its in the 50s!

  18. Jamie says:

    Okay — I want to be in your garden in mid-July. wow. And I wish my husband liked chili.

  19. Katie, The weather IS so strange during these transition periods…. snow one week, 50s the next, crazy! Soon enough in Maine it will be snow one week and snow the next… sigh.

    Jamie, Thanks for the garden compliment! It is a pretty nice corner of the world (especially when I am dedicated enough to weed). And consider yourself invited to enjoy it next July, if you’re in the neighborhood! (p.s. It’s so funny, I like chili, but really make it for my husband because he LOVES it!)

  20. Barb Riley says:

    I always learn so much about gardening from you, Julia. I would love to have such a beautiful front landscape like your picture (whether or not it’s strategically taken, lol), but 1.) I’m clueless when it comes to perennials, and, 2.) I hate weeding (and so does my husband). I guess it’s Flowerless, USA over here!

    On a totally unrelated note, I can’t imagine what this means: “MEH (My Engineer Husband) writes code to display graph overlays on a scientific instrument.” Sounds entirely complicated for my unscientific brain! LOL

  21. Barb, You’re very kind — and thank you for the huge compliment! Perennials are not hard to grow (once you learn just a little) BUT I hear you about the weeding; definitely NOT my favorite job. Luckily MEH (although he hates it, I think most people do) is very very good at it — spent a lot of time on his grandfather’s farm! You could always start with a big huge pot of flower?! A friend of mine in Colorado does that and it’s beautiful! On the totally unrelated note: ME NEITHER! I just asked MEH to give me a sentence about what he’s working on — and that’s it!! LOL