Happy Almost-December (!?) from the Coast of Maine

(Saturday, November 26, 2011, 10:56 a.m. EST, 53 degrees F)

We went to the beach overlook today about 15 minutes before high tide (forecast for 11:11). An astronomical high tide of 11.8 feet was predicted, and I wanted to see what that looked like. (Flood stage in nearby Portland is considered 12 feet.) An astronomical high tide is caused by gravitational pull alone—not meteorological forces like wind or storminess.

As you can see in the video, absolutely none of the sandbar is showing. The small sliver of shore land beach usually there during high tide is not even visible. The video shows the serenity and peacefulness of water and you can hear a few birdsbut the cars on the bridge were omnipresent this morning, and it took us 15 minutes to get this short video clip without car sound in the background!

The weather’s unusual pattern continues. After our Halloween storm, we had a long stretch through November of unseasonably warm weather—receiving no more snow until the day before Thanksgiving. Then, just in time for our family coming home for Thanksgiving, we received another 6 inches of snow. Remarkably, as we made our way down to Boston to pick up our daughter at the airport, the Interstate pavement was dry and snow free within 20 minutes of home! Our travel was uneventful, and her flight was actually early!

Now today and for the week ahead, we have temperatures forecast in the 50s! And the snow is beginning to melt again. Happy Almost-December?!

Meanwhile in the garden, here’s the view we had out our window for our Thanksgiving feast…we are having a lovely Thanksgiving weekend, and I hope you are too!


  1. CMSmith says:

    I love how beautiful and serene the snow makes everything look. I’m glad you’re having a good weekend. We are too.

  2. Emma Pass says:

    Happy Thanksgiving, Julia! I love your snowy photo. Our weather here in the UK is really mild at the moment – this time last year our ‘big freeze’ had started; right now, I still have nasturtiums and roses in flower, because we haven’t even had a proper frost! I’m sure it won’t be long, though…

  3. Christine, It’s so funny that the snow can look alternately serene or evil depending on what I need to accomplish! Once we were all home, it was the loveliest view I could hope for! So glad it’s been a wonderful Thanksgiving all around!

    Emma, Thank you! I envy your nasturtiums and roses — sounds so lovely! Is this late for a frost or are do you always (or often) have such a long growing season? Sigh, wish we had that!

  4. Emma Pass says:

    It’s VERY late for a frost – I think we had several feet of snow this time last year! I’m using all the flowers as an excuse to leave off tidying the garden up for a little bit longer… 😉

  5. Julia Hones says:

    Beautiful picture. Enjoy the mild weather while it lasts. It is rainy here in Wisconsin and not cold (50s)

  6. Emma, We had a very late frost as well, and I did exactly the same thing using it as an excuse! Sadly, that’s no longer an option with the arrival of the snow! Hope you get a good long reprieve!

    Julia, Glad you enjoyed the picture — how interesting that you’re having relatively mild temperatures as well in the middle of the country!

  7. Ann says:

    Holy cow look at the water! There’s no beach at all! The picture of your yard at Thanksgiving looks like a Christmas card…you should frame that one, Julia..it’s lovely!

    Have a GREAT weekend!

  8. Ann, Glad you enjoyed my early Christmas card! 🙂 I’m glad I took the pic when I did; now the snow is pretty melty and patchy. Hope your weekend is winding up well, a little post holiday letdown here as everyone heads back to school today… 🙁

  9. Hi Julia, Sooo glad all went smoothly for Thanksgiving for you and the family, given the weather predictions beforehand. No power, so no turkey or pumpkin pie, would’ve been a tragedy! The snow on your conifers looks beautiful and really gives that sense of hush that is one of my favourite things about snow. You can really see how the water’s swelled out on the vid as well. Have a great rest of Thanksgiving weekend.

  10. Abi, The snowy conifers are one of my favorite, too; hard to believe it’s all gone from them now! I love that muffled, hushed sound as well; hope you had a lovely weekend, too!

  11. Dear Sandbar,

    I miss you.


  12. Dear Sara,

    I’ll be back next week, I promise!
    Miss you too!


  13. Today’s scene is so still and calm – it’s amazing. I can’t compare too much with San Diego this week since I was in Northern California for a wedding this morning. There it was all fog. But when I came back to SD this afternoon, it was HOT. I love your Thanksgiving view. I was quite pleased that our Thanksgiving was actually cold for once. I can’t believe it’s almost December!

  14. Leah, I love the fog in Northern California (lived in the Bay Area for 5 years)! So I’m envious that you were there! Although I’m so surprised at our unusually warm almost-December, hot weather would surprise me even more!

  15. Oh, I so wish all this rain was snow! We are at risk for flooding, but the rain just keeps pouring down as in the days of Noah. If you don’t here from me for a while, you know what happened! 😉

  16. I absolutely adore that snow picture! So glad the travel plans were uneventful. Enjoy those 50s. We were at the same temps most of the morning, here in Arizona.

  17. Lisa Ahn says:

    I love that snow picture! Gorgeous. I’m glad the kids got home and you had a good Thanksgiving.

  18. Jolina, Yikes, sounds like a LOT of rain — be careful out there!! Wish I could send the snow your way instead.

    Melissa, Glad you like the snow pic — it’s all gone now after a 65 degree day today. Our weather is so weird this year! Maine and Arizona having the same temps, who’d a thunk?

    Lisa, Glad you like the snow pic! Best of both worlds to have everyone home AND a beautiful view. We all took a walk in the snow out in the woods, and it was beautiful!

  19. Ado says:

    You had a *snowy* Thanksgiving? Hard to get my head around that as we are having an almost balmy climate down here.
    PS: I’m doing my Mr. Bacon post this week then sending it on to the next blogger. Sorry I have taken so long in doing it. PSPS: Do you know who the next blogger is? I am buried in my sea of unread emails (“You have 6,879 unread emails” – not kidding!)
    Love your snowy photo.

  20. Ado, I’m having a hard time getting my head around the fact that now almost all our snow is GONE and we’re in the 60s again. Weird weird weather!

    As for Mr. Bacon: YAY for your blog coming soon. That little rascal has NOT made it easy! I’ll check the list and let you know. (and 6,879 emails? Kidding or not, that’s no joke! YIKES!!!)

  21. Having such a high tide thanks to the moon is pretty awesome! And your snow tree is beautiful. 😀


  22. Ashlee, The high tide was very very cool! As for the snow? LONG gone! Weird weather this year here! There?

  23. This year is actually what I’d consider “normal” for Perth! Just like I remember from my childhood, with raging summer storms. 😀