Goose, Goose, Goose, Goose, Crow

(Sunday, November 13, 2011, 7:14 a.m. EST, 44 degrees F)

Our lovely stretch of weather continues! And in addition to the lovely scenery, this video provides a rare opportunity to hear the voice behind wordsxo. Yes, at about 37 seconds into the video, I have a very brief conversation with a passer-by, and you cannot avoid hearing my voice. 
“Pepper Pete” in better days.

Aside from this novelty, primarily geese and ducks dominate this week’s video! Also—more notably to MEH (My Engineer Husband) and me—you will see a crow fly through the video toward the end. We’re big crow fans; you can read about that in the post I wrote about MEH and the crows. And watch for more posts about crows coming up very soon!

Meanwhile in the garden…. You may recall the large potted pepper plant, nicknamed “Pepper Pete.” We had hopes of wintering the plant in the house and putting it back outside next spring. But a few days ago we discovered “Pepper Pete” is infested with aphids. So “he” has been put out to pasture on the porch. There are still peppers to harvest, and the weather has been mild enough that we may still get a few peppers! In mid-November in Maine, this is unheard of, at least in this gardening family!

Our other news is that we’ve been getting the bird feeding station ready for winter—squirrel proofing it—and putting out suet and thistle, too. We also put out corn for the squirrels and chipmunks, because I’m a fan of all woodland creatures!

This was the birdfeeder yesterday before we squirrel-proofed it. “Mr. Grackles,” as we call all
squirrels, could empty this of seeds in a day. This is the view I see out the window over my desk.

But don’t worry, Mr. Grackles is still being well fed! 



  1. So lovely. Your Sunday videos are a bit of meditation for me. It’s wonderful to see the small changes from week to week, and the crow flying across today was fab! You have such a lovely voice too – so nice to hear you speak! We are big wildlife fans here too, so put lots of food out for the birds and squirrels. No chipmunks here, sadly, but lots of frogs!

  2. Ann says:

    I love these videos – they really mark time and the seasons! Sorry to hear about Pepper Pete….

    I was SO happy to hear your voice! You sound as lovely as you are on your blog!

  3. Your adorable squirrels look fat and healthy. So cute!

  4. Pet says:

    Everything sounds beautiful, but the conversation was brief indeed!

  5. As always, that’s a wonderful view. Very peaceful.

    And also nice to hear your voice, 🙂

  6. Abi, I’m glad the videos provide a little bit of meditation…. I think I felt that way a bit this morning, which was why I made it longer than usual. I am trying to soak up all the last few days of warmth and sunshine, too! I promise to keep feeding the squirrels and chipmunks, too, and I better send you a pic of the chipmunks since you don’t have them. I am very jealous of the frogs — which we have few of, mostly seeing/hearing “peepers” in the early summer! (p.s. thanks for the compliment on my voice… you’re so sweet!)

    Ann, So happy you love the videos — and I agree, they do mark the seasons! Glad you enjoyed hearing my voice, thank you! I remember feeling that way a while back when you had a vlog on your site! Funny how well you can feel you know someone yet never have heard their voice, isn’t it? (p.s. thanks for the sympathy on Pepper Pete 🙁

    Cynthia, Yes, the squirrels are DEFINITELY healthy. Cute and some are HUGE. The biggest challenge these days is to get into the driveway without squishing one or having one land on my windshield, YIKES!

    Pet, Glad you enjoyed the sounds — beautiful today! (Except when the cars go by, I always think it sounds like I’m getting squished!) Yes, a very short conversation indeed… he was on a walk across the bridge and said hi on his way!

    Mahesh, Glad you enjoyed the peaceful view — I thought that this morning, too! I almost deleted the part with my voice in it — then decided it would add a nice touch 🙂

  7. Lisa Ahn says:

    I love the call of the geese — it’s one of my favorite sounds. And what a treat to hear your voice 🙂

    How do you squirrel-proof the bird feeder?

  8. Lisa, The geese are wonderful, I agree. And I’m glad you enjoyed hearing my voice, too. As for squirrel-proofing the bird feeder, we bought and installed something called a baffle — ours is basically a cone that fits around the pole that prevents the squirrels from climbing up the pole. It works so far, but we’ll need to come up with a new solution once the snow starts to pile up!

  9. Emma Pass says:

    Lovely video, Julia, and it’s great to hear your voice! I love the sounds of the geese and the crows, too. It looks so peaceful and beautiful there.

    All I can say about Mr G is – that looks like one VERY happy squirrel! 🙂

  10. Emma, Glad you enjoyed the video (and hearing my voice, too 🙂 It’s a peaceful and beautiful spot. And Mr. G is definitely a happy and well-fed squirrel! He (and all his relatives) are favorite visitors!

  11. Missy Olive says:

    It’s so beautiful! I cannot believe the weather we are getting in New England for November.

    Thanks for sharing!

  12. A gorgeous day, indeed! And what a fat squirrel you have; we have a few in our area that could wrestle him, though. 🙂

  13. Missy, It is incredible that we’re having such lovely weather in November, I agree. It’s beautiful and also great for keeping our heating bills lower! Glad you enjoyed the video.

    Jolina, Yes, we have some mighty squirrels — let’s arrange that wrestling match and put these fellas to the test! 🙂

  14. The coast is breathtaking. I love seeing the weather changes in these videos of a place I’ve never been. We’re having some lovely warm weather after a cold snap and all the trees are red now. So we got to hear your voice AND an unsuspecting stranger. Scandalous.

  15. Sara, I envy your red trees after your cold snap — we had very few trees turn red here this year (usually there are many!). As for the voices of the unsuspecting stranger and me…your “scandalous” comment amuses me. Next week, come back for the sequel when wordsxo tracks down the unsuspecting stranger! 😀

  16. Jamie says:

    I love the honking. It’s the sound of silence. How wonderful to be in a place so quiet that their honks ring out. And what great pictures of your FAT squirrels. They definitely know winter is coming. Our’s never get that fat…and I am not as good natured as you about them raiding my feeder. We don’t have much trouble with them now while the pecans are falling…. We had 70 degrees today. Amazing.

  17. Lovely video, Julia, and I’m pleased you’ve been having such gorgeous weather. (Wish we had some of that here – it’s been gloomy and drizzly and today there was even a tornado watch. Though nothing came of it, not even the thunderstorm they promised.)

    Your pictures of Mr. Grackles are adorable! How did he (they) get that humorous name?

    Poor Pepper Pete being infested with aphids. Eww, those things make my skin crawl!

    I’m looking forward to more posts about crows. Now I’m off to read “MEH and the Crows.” Intriguing title!

  18. Barb Riley says:

    I’m also wondering (like Fear of Writing, above) why you refer to squirrels as having the surname of one of my favorite birds? I love that you left your voice on the video and didn’t try to rerecord anything. It’s like you dropped a little slice of mystery into wordsxo for all your readers. Good plot placement. LOL Sorry, my mind is dizzy from all the index-carding I’ve been doing. 😛 (Like my new noun-turned-verb, like “garage-sailing?”)

  19. Jamie, I love the honking too! And it is quite lovely especially in the quietest of early morning on the coast. As for being good-natured about the squirrels… we put up a baffle so they can no longer get to the bird feeders… BUT I still put corn out for them. The pecan trees sounds AMAZING and I’d fight the squirrels for those babies! 🙂

    Milli, Glad you enjoyed the video & break in the weather, too! Ugh, tornado watch? I hate that! Pepper Pete, sigh, at least is still surviving on the porch! Why Mr. Grackles? Who knows what goes on in this writer mind?! It just seemed fitting one day and stuck! 🙂 TOMORROW: Part 1 of the Great Crow Experiment!

    Barb, I love Grackles (the birds) too! But, they have no known relation to Mr. Grackles the squirrels except in that they are in the yard at the same time! Mr. Grackles the squirrels simply like the name, or more specifically the writer who NAMED them likes the name! (p.s. my mind is also quite dizzy from index-carding!)

  20. Aww so lovely to see your little woodland friends! Sorry to hear about your aphid problem; I’ve heard that using garlic oil as a spray will kill them, but I’m not certain of the “recipe”.


  21. CMSmith says:

    I loved hearing your voice. It’s funny how we are soundless creatures here on the web. One little “Good morning” and I feel I know you so much better. Ha.

    I’d like to feed the squirrels too. What exactly do you use?

    You’re right, though. That is one chubby little fella.

    We put our bird feeders out this weekend, and one up at my parents house. My dad is enjoying it. (So is my mom.)

  22. Ashlee, “Woodland friends” makes me think I’m in the Snow White movie (do you know that Disney movie?)…. haha. Thanks for the tips about garlic oil spray, I’ll do a little research!!! And then I’ll let you know if you helped save Pepper Pete 🙂

    Christine, Glad you enjoyed my voice (did you listen to the audio on the crows blog post — at the end? — no one’s commented so maybe no one has seen it… ?) As for feeding the squirrels, peanuts are very good, and we also buy dried cobs of corn (from bird stores). They also seem to like almost anything on our compost pile 🙂 I’m so glad your dad is enjoying the bird feeder — I remember that being one of the first sadnesses in my grandmother when she had to go to a nursing home — leaving her beloved bird feeder window! We grow so attached to these really basic needs of nature.