Windy Sunrise on the Coast of Maine

(Sunday, October 16, 2011, 6:56 a.m. EST, 52 degrees F)

This morning we went to the beach overlook at sunrise—6:56 a.m. The eastern sky was streaked with beautiful pinks, oranges, and yellows. (Unfortunately we don’t face east when we take the videos; we face north!) It was very very windy this morning, so much so that it almost sounds like rain, and there were small waves cresting along the sandy point.

As we stood on the bridge, waiting for the best light for the video, our dog kept pulling MEH (My Engineer Husband) toward the path to the beach. Finally MEH relented and headed down to the beach while I took the video from the bridge…which means on this week’s video, you can see MEH and Abby strolling down the beach. While MEH was down there, he took some amazing photos of the sunrise!

As I took the video, I was excited to see a lobster boat with what we think was a “steady sail” on the back! A steady sail keeps the boat from rolling when it gets windy and the seas kick up—certainly the case today. And believe me, the wind had a definite chill to it, yet another reminder that winter is heading our way. Soon we’ll be standing on the bridge taking videos in the snow and ice, just like in our very first video postcard, Perfect (Maine) Beach Weather.

Finally, here’s one of the photos MEH took of the sunrise. Greetings from the coast of Maine!


  1. Erika Marks says:

    Oh, wow, is that a gorgeous picture!! But oh, I know how cold that wind could have felt!

    My folks were saying they were at Crescent a few days ago with the warm temps and I was so jealous. I take it the Indian Summer has passed?

  2. Beautiful photo! You should have that printed and framed. It’s really nice. Definitely feels like fall.

  3. Gorgeous photo!!

  4. OMG.. that photo is award-winning. Breathtaking! Great video, too! And we got a distant peek at MEH!

  5. Beautiful photo! Wow.

  6. CMSmith says:

    They make nice subjects for your video:man and dog. Now we need a woman and dog movie.

    Beautiful shot.

  7. Ohhh, that’s a beautiful photo, Julia!

  8. Pet says:

    I do appreciate all your efforts, but 6.56am, aren’t you going a bit too far (meaning too early) about this video thing? 🙂

  9. It’s the last breath before winter and you captured it beautifully!

  10. Ann says:

    Okay – I have lots to comment about…..(I know, I’m chatty!)

    It was SO nice to see MEH and Abby and she’s such a GOOD dog! She stopped when MEH stopped – I’m impressed! Our little puppy?….not so much!

    The photos is AWESOME – and I noticed he turned around and took a photo of you. I sure would LOVE to see it!

    It certainly was cloudy and windy and it looked SO cold. I would be in a parka, gloves and hat already!

    And finally….thanks for the video, picture and post. Please tell me you had a hot breakfast afterwards!

  11. Awesome! Being on the west coast of Australia, we have the most amazing sunsets over the ocean. I’ve always secretly wanted to see sunrises over the water, since it’s not something I’m terribly familiar with. 😀


  12. Erika, Glad you enjoyed the photo! MEH is an amazing photographer! It was pretty cold on the bridge, but I don’t think Indian Summer has passed! We haven’t had any more freezes — and consequently we’re putting on more layers and resisting use of the furnace! 🙂

    Leah, Glad you enjoyed the photo! It is no question feeling like fall now…

    Dina, Thank you! Glad you enjoyed!

    Melissa, MEH is so modest about his photography…. “just a snapshot.” And I was pretty amazed at his willingness to be in the video–first Mr. Bacon at Beans and now this… he’s become a celebrity 🙂

    Karen, Glad you enjoyed the photo, thank you!

  13. Christine, Man and dog DO make good subjects for the video. WOman and dog, not so much 🙂 Glad you enjoyed the photo!

    Cynthia, MEH says “thank you, tweren’t nothin’.” Okay, he didn’t say that but he WOULD! 🙂

    Pet, 6:56 is LATE for me!! Believe it or not, I am a perpetual early riser (yes I blogged about it once, too)… our alarm is set for 5:33 (long story) but I’m always awake at least 10 minutes before that! Glad you appreciate the effort going into the video!

    Badluck, Thank you! (and yes, it DOES feel like the last breath before winter!)

  14. Ann, I LOVE your chattiness 🙂 BUT as for Abby being a good dog? You couldn’t see it but she was on a leash! She’s usually pretty close to us anyway, but she would’ve been in the water yesterday, and we didn’t want a wet dog in the car! Yes, MEH did turn around and take a photo of me (I was not very happy and we did have a discussion of this in the car on the way home… hahaha, just a short one). No it will not make an appearance in the blog — because as you guessed I WAS in a parka, gloves, and hat!! (as you would’ve been) COLD and WINDY and I was definitely modeling the puff marshmallow look! MEH appreciates the kind compliments on his photo but he says it was all view and camera, not so much MEH! Breakfast? Bagels and lox. (Our usual Sunday choice)

    Ashlee, I know exactly what you mean about sunsets vs. sunrises! I grew up in California and I don’t think I’d ever seen a sunrise over the ocean until we came here. It’s pretty amazing, I have to say. Still, I really miss those sunsets. I hope you’ll post a pic of one on YOUR blog!? Glad you enjoyed!

  15. Oh, my. Such beauty! I’m hoping Hubby and I can take a trip up to New England before the baby is born and before it becomes too cold! Thanks for sharing; I love to start my week with your breathtaking images!

  16. Breathtaking sunrise. I hope this is on your computer desktop now 🙂

  17. Jolina, I’m so glad you enjoyed the post & photo — hope you can take that trip pre-baby AND post-baby to New England (selfishly hoping you’ll make it to Maine so I can meet your sweet baby daughter!)

    Sara, Funny you would ask that! On my desktop I have an equally-breathtaking photo of a sunset that MEH took a few months ago! 🙂

  18. Wow. That picture could have been of a sunset. You have so much more light before 7 than we do. Or so it seems. Love seeing Abby stroll the beach. They always seem so happy. Like nothing but good could ever come their way.

  19. Barb Riley says:

    I have to chime in with all the others who’ve raved about your husband’s sunrise picture. WOW! From one early-riser to another, I think I’m more captivated by sunrises than sunsets. They’re filled with so much hope. I just wish I lived closer to Lake Michigan, as I’m sure there are some beautiful ones there. For now I have to settle for 1.) your pictures, and, 2.) sunrises over the rooftops and trees of suburbia.

    p.s. LOL, I’m sure you rocked the ‘puff marshmallow look’

  20. Jamie, That’s exactly what I thought of that picture — looks more like a sunset than a sunrise! Interesting that we have more light at 7. We’re at the eastern edge of the eastern time zone so I always feel like we get less light than almost anyone! About Abby — yes! Always, always happy. The best dog ever! 🙂

    Barb, I agree — I love sunrises more too. More serene and more hope and usually fewer people around (good for us introverts, eh?). I think sunrises over rooftops can be amazingly beautiful too! (p.s. I definitely did NOT rock the puff marshmallow look — does anyone? 🙂

  21. Missy Olive says:

    That is one gorgeous photo!

  22. Missy, Thank you!! Glad you enjoyed it. 🙂

  23. Lisa Ahn says:

    What a stunning photo!
    I love watching these videos and seeing how that little stretch of sand changes from day to day — and all the ways it stays the same as well.
    Oh, and can Abby please visit our crazy puppy Mocha and teach him some manners?

  24. Julia ~ Not being a morning person, I was really living vicariously here. Sunrise and everything!

    It was fun seeing MEH and Abby in the video – with a lobster boat in the distance. And the sunrise photo is drop-dead gorgeous. Looks like it should be hanging in a gallery.

  25. Lisa, Glad you liked the photo and so happy you enjoy the videos — you’re right it really does change day to day and tide to tide. That’s why I love to go there! As for Abby’s manners… she used to be that crazy puppy too (10 years old now), and believe it or not, I wish Mocha could give send of that puppy energy Abby’s way 😀

    Milli, Glad to give you a rare peak at a sunrise 🙂 I was surprised MEH (and Abby too) were willing to make their wordsxo debut. The things we do for love, eh?

  26. Is there a picture of MEH on this site somewhere??? Feel like I need to see one!

  27. Nina, I think the video of MEH and his hand in the Mr. Bacon post are about as close to a photo you’ll see of MEH! He’s a pretty private guy and I’m surprised he’s let me subject him to this much! 😀

  28. clairemca says:

    Stunning photo and lovely video, visiting via Amy’s blog over at Speaking of Words and Quilts, she mentions how she has a weekly visit to the sea courtesy of your video posts.

  29. Clairemca, So glad you enjoyed the video and the photo! I’m very happy for your visit to my blog, and thank you for your kind comment! Nice to meet you via Amy!

  30. Girl Parker says:

    Why isn’t this sunset photo framed and hanging in my livingroom??? Holy buckets, Julia! Gorgeous.

  31. Girl Parker, Glad you enjoyed the photo so much!! It was a beautiful beautiful day! Thanks for the compliment; I’ll pass it on to MEH! 🙂