Mr. Bacon Meets Mr. Bean

In front of Bean’s, posing (as tourists always do) with the
giant boot! Shout out to the lovely couple from Atlanta who
offered to take a photo of us with Mr. Bacon
(we declined)…and who quickly departed when we
offered to take a photo of them with Mr. Bacon!

Last week, after laughing along with the blog posts of writer friends Melissa Crytzer Fry and Patrick Ross about their escapades with Mr. Bacon, imagine our delight when who should show up on our doorstep but the free-spirited, brightly-striped, extraordinary porkslab Mr. Bacon himself. 

Rarely content to loiter in the grocery store’s cooler with the other rashers, Mr. Bacon creates his own sizzle. And although forewarned in Melissa’s latest post that Mr. Bacon may be headed our way, and further tipped off by the mysterious smoky breeze we mistook for our neighbor’s breakfast, we were nonetheless taken aback to open our door and find that small slice of a bendy toy complete with his own special pork panache.

Mr. Bacon stopped to “meet”
Mr. L. L. Bean himself.
But wait, there may be some of you wondering….what the heck is she talking about now? Some of you may still believe bacon is merely a treat to enjoy for breakfast or in a tasty BLT. Who is this Mr. Bacon? And what could he possibly have to do with the writing life?

Melissa said it best on her blog:

“…It all started back in August. Journalist Patrick Ross introduced his sidekick, Mr. Bacon, to the blogosphere. On Patrick’s blog, Mr. Bacon made a break for freedom in the Shenandoah National Park, hoping to lose himself in the forest. With such short legs, he was an easy catch. Good for a laugh, Mr. Bacon was also a symbol of Patrick’s love for bacon (as well as his affection for bendy bacon toys). Then something interesting happened. Mr. Bacon took the writing world by storm. Writers tweeted Mr. Bacon’s adventures, responding warmly to the hint of his bacony aroma.”

Mr. Bacon had a chance to stop and smell the roses–his bacony
aroma combined with the roses created quite a sweet-salty tang
 in the air! (Rosa Rugosa (beach roses) are a beloved Maine
trademark flower.)
So now that you have the delicious and savory backstory (and I’ve given you a face to put with the bacon) I can continue with the story of our visit with mouthwatering Mr. Bacon! 

MEH (My Engineer Husband) and I were overjoyed to have the opportunity to show Mr. Bacon the wonderful state of Maine. We offered to take him where no bacon has traveled before (except in a frying pan) to the natural wonders of this vacationland state: picturesque islands, beautiful inland lakes, gorgeous mountains, wild rivers. 

But Mr. Bacon said “NO!” He would not go another greasy step until he was properly outfitted. He does, after all, have a well-seasoned reputation to consider!
And where in Maine do you go to get outfitted for outdoors adventure? L.L. Bean of course! Mr. Bacon, it seems, had heard all about the famous L.L. Bean boots. In case you’re not familiar with L.L. Bean, it’s a go-to place for outdoor outfitting. More importantly, its flagship store is minutes away from the wordsxo blog world headquarters—and perhaps even more importantly than that, it’s open 24 hours a day. That means, we can get boots at a drop of a hat, day or night! 
Even though we explained that moose are herbivores, this large
 moose really startled Mr. Bacon. Maybe he had his eye on the
coyote just to the moose’s right. Known fact: coyotes
love bacon (and all other meaty treats).
In our neck of the woods, L.L. Bean is known simply as “Beans.” We (and everyone else around here) go there to buy anything from kayaks to camping and hunting gear to kitchen equipment (even…yes it’s true, gulp, FRYING PANS!). More importantly it’s a tourist destination, and with its four stores in Freeport, creates an almost amusement-park-like atmosphere, featuring a giant fish tank for salmon, two snack bars, summertime concerts and plays, and even a giant boot at the entryway—a perfect place for camera-snapping tourists (like our tantalizing Mr. Bacon!) to pose to have their pictures taken.

This second boot was much closer
to Mr. Bacon’s size, but still was
much too large…
But our petite porcine Mr. Bacon was interested in L.L. Bean for something very specific: the famous L.L. Boot. Secretly, MEH voiced his concern to me that we’d never find Mr. Bacon’s shoe size (quadruple 0). I think Mr. Bacon overheard but remained unscorched—pulling off that smokey cool as only he can—and we headed up to Bean’s on a lovely fall afternoon. 
While at Beans, of course Mr. Bacon did a little sightseeing: hitting all the main attractions and some of the more obscure. And although it was indeed a challenge to find boots in his size, a very nice Bean’s employee helped us find just the right boots for his diminutive feet. 

Once fully outfitted, we hit the open road and showed Mr. Bacon all the sights fit for a bendy toy of his stature. But still, his visit was far too short, and all that remains now is the good memories, these photographs, and the delicious bacony aroma lingering behind….and the question: just where will he show up next?

This wonderful Bean’s employee (who was clearly smitten with Mr. Bacon’s smoldering good looks)
trusted him to keep her identity secret as she helped Mr. Bacon find just the right boots
 for his thinly-sliced foot.

Mr. Bacon let me snap this photo of him as we left the store.
Let me tell you, Mr. Bacon is one scrumptious sport! 

And here’s Mr. Bacon all outfitted, just before we hit the open road to
see all the sights we could during his all-too-short visit to Maine.

If you are craving more bacon treats (and let’s face it, who isn’t?), head over to this fabulous site created by Melissa and her husband. (We’ve submitted some outtakes from Mr. Bacon’s visit to Maine!) And if you are interested in serving up the delectable and ever-crispy Mr. Bacon on your blog, please let me know in comments, and we’ll contact his agent to check his busy calendar and get back to you!

Note: L.L. Bean did not in any way compensate wordsxo for this post. All photos featured in this blog post were taken after receiving permission from an L.L. Bean store employee. And Mr. Bacon paid for his own boots!


  1. Ann says:

    OMG – that is AWESOME! I can’t believe Mr. Bacon beat met to LLBean! It’s on my bucket list…. and how COOL that he dropped in for a visit! I love it!

  2. I second Ann’s “OMG” comments. This is hilarious, Julia. You are so damn creative. I was literally laughing out loud.

    I cannot believe you found boots the right size for Mr. Bacon. And I can’t wait to see where he ends up next! Great photography (and what great sports at LL Bean… a store I love and order from each Christmas). But, alas, I must resort to a paper catalog since there is no “Beans” in my neck of the desert!

  3. Pet says:

    Oh, now I have to have one of these!

  4. Those boots definitely suit Mr Bacon. An excellent part of his bacony journey, I’m sure. XD


  5. Barb Riley says:

    LOL… so *this* is the bacon you were referring to in yesterday’s comments! Too funny, how I mentioned bacon sizzling—I seriously had NO idea there was such a thing as Mr. Bacon and you had an entire adventure with him waiting to be posted. Thanks for the laughs this morning. I LOVE all the pictures and your creativity. The pic with him paying for his own boots is priceless. Although, is it just me, or does he look like he’s borderline hostile at times? I think it’s the eyebrows…

    p.s. thanks for the heron link. I’m going to take my camera out on one of my next walks and see if I can compare my pictures to the online info.

  6. says:

    Awesome! I’d love to have Mr. Bacon visit me. Where do I send the invitation?

  7. Ann, Glad you enjoyed the post — and sorry he beat you to LLBean! I’m glad it’s on your list because that means you’re one step closer to me meeting you, too! 🙂

    Melissa, So glad you enjoyed the post — I was inspired by your sizzling post last week 🙂 Glad to provide a Monday morning laugh, of course, and I’m with you — cannot wait to see where he ends up next. Sorry there’s no Beans in your neck of the desert; I guess you may need to come to Maine, OH DARN!

    Pet, you can get your very own Mr. Bacon at! I have to say, we’ve gotten pretty attached, so watch out, (Mr.) Bacon can be addictive!

    Ashlee, Yes, I think the boots are quite a “natural” look on Mr. Bacon 🙂 Glad you enjoyed the post. 🙂

  8. Barb, Yes, this is the bacon — pretty fun, huh? 🙂 I had no idea there was a Mr. Bacon either until I saw him on Patrick Ross’ original post! So much fun! I’m glad to give you a Monday morning laugh, and yes I agree if not borderline hostile then definitely a bit of the extreme mischief maker in Mr. Bacon’s eyes! But hey, he’s Mr. BACON! p.s. glad you’ll be taking a pic of that bird — I’d LOVE to see it! I can’t imagine a bird that big being anything but a heron (or Big Bird 🙂

    VV, Pretty sure you’ll receive an invitation shortly 🙂 Mr. Bacon’s agent has been alerted to a request for an appearance! 🙂
    So glad you enjoyed the post! Looking forward to hearing about visits to your neck of the woods!

  9. Those boots, regardless of what you paid, are priceless! Only you would think of outfitting Mr. Bacon in such a delectable fashion! I’m sure he enjoyed his stay with you, and I’m slightly jealous that he got such a grand tour of the coast of Maine!

  10. I love that Mr. Bacon held is ground and would not take “another greasy step unitl he was properly outfitted”. His little boots are a scream. Hilarious post, Julia. Am looking forward to Mr. Bacon’s visit to my blog later this month. He seems like a bit of a demanding guest, with his own agenda, likes and dislikes. But I’m hoping to be able to show him a good time while he’s here.

  11. Jolina, Yes, only if you live in Maine would one consider outfitting bacon in Bean boots — such trademark gear around these parts, haha! As for being jealous of Mr. Bacon, if you ever are in this neck of the woods, I’m pretty sure you would be guaranteed a similar excursion!

    Cynthia, Glad you enjoyed the post! I’m not going to lie, Mr. Bacon is a bit high-maintenance and the visit was all about him… but, then, aren’t most celebrities like that? I’ll be looking forward to your post about Mr. Bacon’s escapades with you. Meanwhile, I’m off to recuperate with a much-needed BLT (don’t tell Mr. Bacon!)

  12. This was too funny Julia! I’d not been properly introduced to Mr. Bacon before, so I’m glad this opportunity arose.
    If I were in Mr. Bacon’s “shoes” I’d want to head over to the LL Bean store also! What a treat. At least now his feet will be protected when they hit that frying pan. 🙂

  13. artistsroad says:


    Congratulations to you and MEH for surviving an encounter with Mr. Bacon unscathed. This was a very fun and funny post, but I know firsthand what you had to deal with. Mr. Bacon is a rascally scoundrel with a penchant for buggery.

    I must say, L.L. Bean is a nice upgrade from the lace-lacking black boots he usually wears. Far less fascist.

    I see in the comments above that Cynthia is expecting a visit. It seems I have unleashed something. I feel a bit like a chicken processor being accused of a nationwide salmonella poisoning.


  14. Jackie, Glad you enjoyed Mr. Bacon and our visit to LLBean 🙂 And it NEVER occurred to me that Mr. Bacon had an ulterior motive to get those boots… they probably will be helpful when things heat up in the frying pan!

    Patrick, No question, it was a true experience to tag along on one of Mr. Bacon’s excursions! I agree that the boots present a more natural Mr. Bacon, softer and gentler if you will. He definitely got in touch with the Maine woods experience–and I think he had what some would call an ah-hah Thoreau moment! As for you unleashing something, we can only say thank you for introducing us to Mr. Bacon!! Our lives will never be quite the same!

  15. Erika Marks says:

    Julia, I love it! You’ve made me a Mr. Bacon fan–but I’ll admit I never turn down a tour of Beans…

    (Have you been in Maine long enough to remember when Bean’s was that tiny place up one narrow staircase? I remember that so vividly as a kid–getting squished against the wall going up. Mr. Bacon wouldn’t have had a chance! 😉

  16. OMG this is so funny! I was cracking up reading Melissa’s post. But this is just as hysterical! There’s just something about that piece of bacon that’s quite endearing.

  17. Nina Badzin says:

    Ha! I can’t remember if I said this on Patrick’s or Melissa’s posts, but it remains TRUE. It’s those little jazz hands that make Mr. Bacon so funny to me. Oh, and I guess the little sway of his hip too. 😉

  18. Erika, Glad you enjoyed the tour of Beans & that you’re now a Mr. Bacon fan! Although I don’t remember when Beans was that tiny, it has certainly changed in the years we’ve been here. In fact, when we took Mr. Bacon up there, we were remarking how much it’s changed — one older building has now turned into a campus complex; I would even say a town phenomenon! I have to say that the hardest thing for me is the moving of Ben and Jerry’s — I miss it in its old spot. But maybe the movie theater opening soon will make up for that! Beans has certainly helped make the town a destination which has been fabulous for its local economy! (Okay, my tourism spiel is over 🙂

    Leah, Glad to give you a humorous read 🙂 Yes, I have to say, we’ve grown to love that little piece of crispy bacon! 😀

    Nina, The jazz hands definitely add panache to the little guy — and it’s so much fun to try and give him some expression with them! Now that you mention the sway of the hips, dancing Mr. Bacon might have been fun, too 😉

  19. I savored every moment of this adventure while laughing out loud. Your pix are priceless! Especially Mr. Bacon purchasing his own adorable hiking boots.

    I second what everybody else said about your amazing creativity. (I think you’ve created a new writing style: Baconesque.) And MEH is always such a good sport!

    What really amazes me, though, is the way you coaxed the more sensitive side out of the little rapscallion. Smelling roses? Our Mr. Bacon? Never woulda thunk!

    Thanks for heaps of fun!!

    ~ Milli

    P.S. After verbally sparring with him on Patrick’s blog, I know Mr. Bacon doesn’t like me. So we’ll see if his agent accepts my invitation for Mr. B. to come visit me in Ohio ;~)

  20. thelmaz says:

    Great post. Although I am Jewish and Mr. Bacon is clearly not Kosher, I’d love to have him sneak by. Please let his agent know to put me on the list. Are we talking 2011 or 12?

  21. Milli, Glad you enjoyed, er….savored, this post! It was great fun to write and to do the research/photography for. I’m glad to know that I’ve mastered the Baconesque form; I’m wondering if there might be a novel in there somewhere? Is that like Austenesque? By the way, MEH not only is a good sport — he was so much less embarrassed than I was with Mr. Bacon’s antics! I practically had to DRAG the two of them out of Beans! Of course, MEH does love being the photographer! As for the roses, they are irresistible to anyone–even Mr. Bacon, apparently! (p.s. I think you can count on being contacted by Mr. Bacon’s agent!)

    Thelmaz, So glad you enjoyed the post! You may be right about Mr. Bacon not being strictly kosher…. but (just as with the EEOC’s enforcment of employment rights) I think it’s fair to say Mr. Bacon’s humor does not discriminate based on “…a person’s race, color, religion, sex (including pregnancy), national origin, age (40 or older), disability or genetic information!” 😉 I will have Mr. Bacon’s agent contact you ASAP to arrange his visit!

  22. Julia, that’s hilarious about MEH “hamming it up” with Mr. Bacon in the store and you having a hard time dragging them out of there!!

    I DID wonder about a fellow introvert being so obvious with a bendy toy in a public place and I admired your courage. I’ve already been wondering how I can disguise myself when I take Mr. Bacon on a local jaunt…..

    P.S. You should definitely write the novel. I’m writing the screenplay. Perhaps we can do a collab. I’ll adapt your novel. 😀

  23. Nancy Kelley says:

    LOL! Bacon and Beans–sounds like a meal from the wagon trail. And who would have thought LL Bean would have Bacon sized boots?

    Hilarious post, Julia, thanks for the laugh.

  24. Kudo’s to you for stepping outside your genre and doing a humourous post via li’l porky. This is not easy to do, and I hope that Mr. Bacon realises that a considerable amount of your bacon was spent in the creation of this blog post. Possibly he could donate an egg and a side of toast to show tasty appreciation. Your maple flavoured friend, Elizabeth.

  25. Ya nailed it, girl. And those boots! Can”t believe you actually found shoes to fit his little piggies! (Sorry, couldn’t resist.)

    Great stuff.

  26. Milli, The bendy toy in public part was embarrassing and a little bizarre because people looked at us like we were on a photo shoot or something. Pretty funny. As for the disguise — maybe so, but you still need to go out in public with Mr. Bacon! It’s not the recognition for me, it’s the moment of anxiety being in public taking a photo of a bendy toy being POSED! 😀

    Nancy, Glad you enjoyed the post! Yes, agreed about bacon and beans. We didn’t use the pic but we took one of Mr. Bacon with freeze-dried scrambled eggs, too.
    LOL. And those Bacon-sized boots are too much, I agree! 🙂

    Elizabeth, Glad you enjoyed the post — and thanks for the compliment! It was great fun to write! As for Mr. Bacon realizing MY contribution? I’m pretty sure it really is “all about him” and he is oblivious to the hustle and bustle people cause around him! 😉

    Hallie, HA!! I wish I’d thought of “little piggies” for the post!! That’s hilarious!! I’m so glad you enjoyed reading it, and thank you for the compliment!! 🙂

  27. Wow. Love Mr. Bacon — and how fun to see the famous LLBean store. I think Mr. Bacon terribly brave (or naive). To get in the frying pan…and did you see the look that moose was giving him? He is v. cute and must knock on our door if he ever gets this far south.

  28. SouthMainMuse, I’m pretty sure Mr. Bacon’s agent could arrange a swing south — let me know! Meanwhile glad you enjoyed Mr. Bacon’s tour of Bean’s in my backyard! I’ll tell you that Mr. Bacon, for his slender visage, is one adventuring dude, so the frying pan and moose weren’t nothin’!

  29. Liz says:

    Oh, I so love seeing Mr. Bacon’s adventures!

    But I have to ask…did the cashier think you were crazy? 🙂

  30. Liz, It was so much fun/pretty embarrassing too, hahaha! But the cashier? NO she did not think we were crazy at ALL; quite the contrary! She LOVED it and she insisted on having Mr. Bacon pay (we weren’t going to!), and she TAPED the bill to his hand. It was pretty hilarious. All I could think about was the long line behind us and how annoyed people were getting. Too funny, huh?

  31. Susan says:

    I had no idea Mr. Bacon even existed! I’m so glad that I’m not in the dark anymore. If Mr. Bacon would like to visit Virginia Beach, I’d be more than happy to show him our Boardwalk and Oceanfront.

    And I have to say I’m jealous as all heck that you live so close to Beans. I haven’t been to Freeport in years, but I’m always buying their stuff. I don’t ever order online because I want to talk to the friendly people on the phone. We have an outlet in Williamsburg and I’m going there this weekend.

  32. Great post!

  33. Man, I’ve never been to Maine – Mr. Bacon has traveled more widely than I have!

  34. Susan, Mr. Bacon’s agent will contact you soon about arranging a visit! As for proximity to Beans, I’m not going to lie: it’s a wonderful thing. And if you haven’t been to Freeport in years, you well might not recognize it. A LOT of development has taken place! Very nice but very busy! I haven’t been to Williamsburg so I’m jealous of that!

    Christine, Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it; thank you for your comment and for your visit to my blog!

    Megan, haha, yes, Mr. Bacon definitely gets around! Glad I could give you a quick tour of at least the LLBean part of Maine!

  35. Lisa Ahn says:

    This is absolutely hysterical. Love it!