Happy Snowtober Nor’easter Video

(Sunday, October 30, 2011, 1:32 p.m. EST, 41 degrees F) 

You can’t really tell from the video but we got our first snow last night—“only” about six inches where we were, but 18 inches in other parts of Maine and 26 inches in other parts of New England! We got off easy with this one. The media is calling it “Snowtober,” a rare October snowstorm.

In addition to the snow, it was also very cold…26F degrees, our coldest temperatures this year. It was especially cold in our house after we lost power. The temperature in the house hit 54F degrees right before power was restored at a little after noon (a huge thank you to the wonderful crews of Central Maine Power). Today the snow has stopped, and much has melted away; all that’s left is high winds up to 35 mph.

You can really see the winds buffeting the camera in today’s video. What a difference from last week’s tranquil sunrise! And I think you can see some snow on the distant shoreline (high tide is hiding the sandbar beach).

We planted the garlic yesterday!

Meanwhile in the garden…. yesterday when we knew the storm was coming, we quickly went out and planted garlic—knowing it would be our last chance to plant this fall. Then we mulched it with straw, and sure enough today the garden is covered in a blanket of snow.

And covered with straw!

And this morning…. WOW!!
What a difference a day makes!


  1. Liz says:

    I do not envy you. Not.at.all. Had heard from our old NH neighbors about the snow and icy driveways. I don’t know how you have the wherewithal to survive NE winters year after year!

    On a different note, I had no idea garlic grew in blizzard temps? ;-0

  2. So glad you got your garlic in before the snows – how good is that? It’s lovely to see those pics – gorgeous – just over the period of a day between planting, straw covering and the snow covering, and you really can hear the winds on the video. It sounds a very cold wind! Here’s hoping for warmer days to follow!

  3. Emma Pass says:

    Wow, that’s cold! I’m glad you got your power back.

    I’m sure your garlic will be fine – we had some that not only survived heavy snow here a couple of years ago, but positively thrived. It looked so strange to see all the little green shoots poking out of the snow!

  4. I guess I will stop complaining about OUR electric company. Longest we’ve gone without power is about 9 hours. But it flickers off and on from May through September when the wind blows 100 miles away. Never fun during 100-degree weather, but I think I’d prefer being hot to being too cold in the house!

    Glad this was a “slight” snowfall for you!

  5. Pet says:

    Planting garlic in Halloween! It sounds a bit like sorcery 🙂

  6. Barb Riley says:

    Gosh, I was waiting to see whether you were able to post today or not. If I didn’t “hear” from you I was all set to put out an A.P.B. to make sure you were okay out there.

    LOL “only” six inches! Crazy! The poor garlic! I hope it still survives. And btw, I never knew you could plant something so late in the season. Keep warm!

  7. CMSmith says:

    Good thinking and quick action means you’ll be able to keep the vampires away, and probably also make a few wonderful garlic-infused dishes.

  8. Liz, We wonder the same thing: how do we take it year after year? I suppose you (almost) get used to it, like anything…. although this morning we didn’t feel like that at all! 🙂

    Abi, We were SO pleased with ourselves for getting our garlic planted before the snow came!! Can’t wait to compare crops next summer! And yes the wind was COLD! Believe me, I am just starting to feel warm again, almost 6 hours since the heat came back on… the most underappreciated thing is a warm home! 🙂

    Emma, You have no idea how grateful we were for the power. And I am so excited that you mentioned garlic on Twitter — you were our inspiration to plant it!! So exciting! Can’t wait! 🙂

    Melissa, It’s so funny to think that the power outages in summer or winter can be so miserable — but I suppose too hot (to a point) is bearable and safer than too cold. I am finally warming up, thank goodness. 🙂

    Pet, haha, that never occurred to me about the garlic until I read your comment! Too funny :-0

    Barb, THANK YOU for worrying about me. APBs are always appreciated! Yes, ONLY six inches…. wait until you see what I post this winter…. YIKES! The garlic is I think like flower bulbs you plant, won’t come up until spring…. I think that’s how it works (first time we’ve planted it!). 🙂

    Christine, Yes, we will definitely keep the vampires away with the TONS of garlic we planted (which never occurred to us until I posted this blog)! So I’m not sure I’m as smart as you and Pet are! 🙂

  9. Missy Olive says:

    Isn’t it beautiful? I just find snowfalls so peaceful. It makes me want to curl up and read!

  10. I was wondering how you were doing when I saw that some of the snow was going to fall on Maine. I’m glad you only got six inches – though that sounds pretty huge to me for this early on!

    That wind in the video looked and sounded pretty wicked. I applaud you for going out in it to make your video (I’m not a fan of wind in general, and esp. not harsh, cold winds).

    Seeing your Before & After pics of the garlic was fascinating. I didn’t realize you could plant them right before a snowfall.

    Stay warm over there! That power outage did not sound fun. . . .

  11. Erika Marks says:

    I’ve been thinking of you, dear! My folks say they have power back finally but what a mess! Hope this didn’t disrupt your WIP work too terribly…

    It’s too early for snow!!

  12. Missy, I agree, snowfalls are peaceful — and it was beautiful… very enjoyable after the heat came back on! 🙂

    Milli, Wind is probably my very least favorite weather feature — warm and especially cold, like you! It’s been fun to make these videos, and as MEH said this morning: “We’ve come full circle,” since we started in the winter too! But as you say… way too much way too soon! 🙂

    Erika, The power outage was JUST starting to get worrisome when the power came on! 12 hours, half of it while we were asleep. It really didn’t disrupt things too much — we were just starting to put things in a cooler (from the refrigerator) when the lights came on. Such a great feeling, as I’m sure your folks felt too! 🙂 as for the WIP, we also had company this weekend, so a little slow down but back on the job tomorrow!

  13. Ann says:

    Okay – that even SOUNDS cold! I am amazed that you went out and took the video in 26 degree weather!

    …AND you plant garlic? Y-O-U are my new hero! I’ve never planted garlic in my life. I’ve had fresh garlic (from an AMAZING garlic festival in Sicily) and there is truly no comparison!

    I am excited about doing a garden next year….but I pretty much kill every plant I touch. I am, however, the eternal optimist!

    Stay warm!

  14. Ann, Oh dear, you haven’t seen *anything* yet. Yes, today was cold…but it’s going to get a LOT worse very soon. When I look back on the February bridge videos, I cringe remembering not just the cold but the terrible ice. YUCK. As for the garlic, I am psyched too! And I will be your biggest supporter when you start your garden! You can do it!! 🙂

  15. Wow, my mouth literally fell open when I saw all the snow on the garlic crop. That’s amazing. I wish we got snow here. We’re dealing with warm Santa Anna winds. It does not make me happy.

  16. Leah, I think I’ve told you I grew up near Los Angeles, and I remember the Santa Ana winds well — primarily that aside from sweeping the smog away, there was nothing I really liked about them! So, you have my sympathies. Believe me when I say I truly wish I could ship you some or all of our cold and snow! 🙂

  17. Planting garlic….and the snow. wow. We had a little drop in temps but nothing like that. And my fall/winter garden is coming along. Had a salad from my Romaine yesterday.

  18. Jamie, Salad from the garden…. now I’m quite envious! I absolutely love growing salad greens! I’m thinking I ship you garlic, you ship me lettuce, and we’re in business 🙂

  19. Once again, your Maine weather is opposing ours here in Perth! We just got a patch of extra warm days (most disappointing, I tell you what!). Great job on getting those garlic sorted before snowfall!


  20. Ashlee, It will be so fun comparing notes about weather as we enter winter and you summer! I must admit I’m not sorry to see the heat go, but I will miss the more mild weather. I’ll love hearing your warm weather stories! And thanks for the nod to the garlic planting — hopefully I’ll be blogging about its growth next spring!