Canada Geese Take Flight on Casco Bay

(Sunday, October 23, 2011, 7:32 a.m. EST, 40 degrees F)

This morning we timed it to get to the beach overlook a little after sunrise. A few weeks ago I was there at sunset, and the sun reflected oranges and yellows on the water. It was beautiful! It was high tide, and I was hoping to capture the rising sun on the water and the same effect as I observed a few weeks ago.

Unfortunately it didn’t work out quite the way I planned, and although the video is beautiful (and I love the flying Canada Geese!) it wasn’t quite the finished product I was hoping for. As always, I do my best to plan and predict how the “video shoot” will go—to do that I always check the tide table the day before—and decide whether I want to take a video at low-, mid-, or high-tide. Then I check the time of sunrise and sunset.

But still, sometimes I can’t pull off a video I’m pleased with. And that’s how it goes in writing, editing, and in life too—no matter how much we plan and try to make things happen a certain way, reality often intervenes.

Today it was the non-reflective water, a guy sitting nearby in his truck playing loud music (at sunrise! I don’t think you can hear it on the video), lots of cars going by so it was hard to squeeze in a video when a car wasn’t going by (we stayed there for 10 minutes to get about 40 seconds of video), and finally the battery going dead on the video camera so I had to stick with a piece of footage I was less than thrilled with instead of trying again.

This week with my WIP it was the same way: I planned and thought I could predict how things would go. I had everything all set up on the dining room table. But when it came right down to it, I was distracted and had lots of things to take care of in my house and in my life. So the editing of my manuscript had to take a back seat.

This afternoon I’ll sit down with my notebook and try to make a realistic plan for the upcoming week—building in room for distractions and unexpected things that may need my attention. Then tomorrow I’ll sit down and try a little harder.

And meanwhile…. Autumn continues to wane, with the leaves “past peak,” we’re starting to see a lot more bare branches, a reminder that winter is just around the corner!


  1. CMSmith says:

    It looked like there was something coming through the middle of the video towards the left front. Was it my imagination?

    I should take a tip from you and plan how I will spend my time. Right now I am revving in nuetral getting nowhere.

    And my patience, that you seem to have, is sorely lacking.

  2. The video is beautiful! I think maybe we are all in that lull. I’m seeing complaints on Twitter of a complete lack of motivation and focus. The holidays are coming along with winter. It must be in the air. I too need to put my plans to paper. I’ll get right on that but first…

  3. LOVE the geese. And can relate to the lack of focus; I’m with Suzie… it’s the upcoming holidays. I am starting to freak out, realizing how LITTLE time I have before my husband’s many family members descend upon the desert in November and December. So much to do! Hang in there!

  4. Christine, I see some shimmering on the water on the left front of the video — or maybe the Loch Ness monster 😀 Seriously, it’s probably a fish or bird! If you surmised from this post that I can give you (or anyone) a tip on how to spend your time…. I’m so sorry!! My patience, I assure you, is also sorely lacking & I definitely feel like I’m revving in neutral — perfect way to say it!

    Suzie, Glad you enjoyed the video — I guess maybe you and Melissa are right about focus lacking… I need to get a handle on it or I may get nothing done between now and January and/or waste my time watching squirrels, chipmunks & birds 🙂 Wishing you none of the distractibility I feel! 🙂

    Melissa, The geese were the saving grace! I wish I could’ve captured the geese and ducks flying literally inches above the surface of the water. It was REMARKABLE and a gorgeous. You would have LOVED it today. I could’ve stood on that bridge for six hours. Phenomenal bird life. Still, NO REFLECTION ON THE WATER, darn it! 🙂 I do not envy you your impending company; we will be a very small nuclear family for Thanksgiving and Christmas, thank goodness. Still, very very distracting 🙂

  5. Beautiful beach day today! Everything will get back on track. It’s Fall, everything is in transition, it’s basically out of our control. Change is in the air.

  6. Sara, You’re so supportive & encouraging — thank you for that! It’s true that change is in the air… sometimes letting go of control is very tough for me! As you say, it was a beautiful beach day today! Thanks again! 🙂

  7. Beautiful fall color, Julia. You’re making me miss the NE! My fav time of year there.

  8. I love the geese too. And I agree with Sara. Fall is a time for transition and it seems to be all around us – from writing to the weather to the trees. Just go with it and all will be well.

  9. Pet says:

    Oh, the sound of the geese is like healing music for the soul!

  10. Cynthia, I love this time of year, too — sorry to make you miss it, but glad to be able to give you a little glimpse! (and just think, SOON you’ll be able to see what could be considered the worst of NE… ice & snow galore 🙂

    Leah, Makes sense then why I’d be unsettled… transitions can be difficult for me; as you say, I need to go with it! Glad you enjoyed the geese!

    Pet, THAT’S what I need to think of the geese sound as… a healing music. Thank you 🙂

  11. Barb Riley says:

    Hope today/this week goes better for you, Julia. I agree with the person who said fall can feel like a transitional time. It’s always so exciting when the leaves begin to turn, but then when they’re past peak, there’s some sort of shift in the air alerting you that winter is around the corner, and you can’t help but think, “oh yeah, not too long before coldness and darker days are on the way…” (LOL, sounds like a depressed groundhog before Groundhog’s Day or something)!

  12. Barb, I’ve implemented the 5 notebook plan — blog to follow at some point this week?? — so THAT will whip me into shape, unless I’m so busy writing in my notebooks!! 🙂 And you NAILED my feeling: “a depressed groundhog before Groundhog’s Day” EXACTLY how I’m feeling 😀

  13. You know, even with the deciduous trees we have, because Perth doesn’t tend to get REALLY cold, we don’t see the ultra-vivid red leaves of autumn. They often just turn yellow or orangey (or the worst: brown!) and dangle pathetically from the tree most of the way through winter. XD


  14. Ashlee, I know what you mean about no vivid reds — when we lived in Colorado, there were vividly golden leaves but very very few red. Here the reds are usually the sugar maple trees — gorgeous, but believe it or not, this was not a good year for them! Most of our leaves this year were more like you’ve described: “yellow or orangey (or the worst: brown” and I would add dried up and shrively 🙂 Hopefully next year I’ll give you a peek at a REAL Maine red fall!

  15. What a great comparison, Julia! We can never predict the high tides or low tides that life sends our way; we just have to learn to ride with the waves. Hope this writing week is smooth sailing for you!

  16. Jolina, It’s so true, we really have no way of predicting high and low tides of life… and it’s so much easier if we learn to ride them out and better yet if we can enjoy the ride. Nice analogy!

  17. Love the sounds of the geese. Thank goodness Mr. Car Radio wasn’t audible on the tape. A beautiful serene look at your world.

  18. Jamie, It was beautiful and serene (except for the weird Mr. Car Radio! (yes, thank goodness not audible except to us!) The geese are amazing. What’s so funny is I’ve never seen them in salt water, and on the way to the overlook, I was musing if they land in salt water– then I got my answer! Glad you enjoyed!

  19. Ann says:

    I thought the video was great! The water colors and the blue reflected from the sky was stunning. I understand how you can plan and plan and it doesn’t happen the way it supposed to….it happens to me all the time when I try to make something.

    Sometimes it’s better than the original – which is wonderful….and some times you gotta scrap it and start all over!

  20. Michelle says:

    How beautiful and serene! Had to replay the video a few times just to see it again. Wonderful pictures too.
    Thank you for that inspiration.

  21. Ann, I’m so glad you enjoyed the video and thought the sky looked stunning! I can well imagine in cooking that this is a very frequent feeling! As you say, sometimes we just have to scrap it and move on… wow that sounds a LOT like writing 🙂

    Michelle, So happy you enjoyed the video and photos! Very glad to have provided inspiration! I wish I could bottle up the lovely view and sensation of standing on that bridge and put THAT in my blog 🙂
    Thank you so much for your comment and especially for your visit to my blog!

  22. Isn’t it strange how we can be dissatisfied with something that others end up loving? This is actually my favorite video of yours so far. I love the colors in it and capturing the geese was really special!!

    Sorry to hear your writing plans got so interrupted last week. I hope it’s going better for you so far this week. . . .

  23. #1. Very cool video in my opinion!!

    #2. RE: “no matter how much we plan and try to make things happen a certain way, reality often intervenes.” Ain’t that the truth!!!!

  24. Milli, I’m so glad you loved the video! It’s very beautiful, I agree — and the geese are very special, too true!! 🙂

    Nina, #1, agreed that the video is cool, thank you! #2, thanks for understanding and affirming the reality vs. planning! 🙂

  25. Susan Okaty says:

    Love the sound of honking Canada geese, Julia. Very serene scene. I need to learn how to do YouTube so I can try my hand at posting videos of our beach with its beautiful pelicans skimming the surface of the water. Looking forward to reading about your 5 notebook plan.

  26. Susan, So happy you enjoyed the geese! Yes, very serene (except for my grumpy mood, LOL). Youtube is very easy to learn, and I hope you’ll post some videos — I would love to see the pelicans. I miss those from Northern California where we lived LONG ago! Stay tuned for the 5 notebook plan. So far so good!

  27. Lisa Ahn says:

    I love the colors and the sound of the geese. It might not be what you intended, but it is beautiful.

    I also had an off-kilter writing week. Sometimes it happens. Just think of it as a gathering time — leaving you even more to write about.

  28. Tim F says:

    Beautiful video. It looks so peaceful there. I’ve been trying to get back to nature more like that. The flying geese were awesome. Too bad the guy was playing loud music!

  29. Lisa, I’m so glad you enjoyed the video; I am happy that even if it’s not what I had hoped, others see it differently! As someone else observed, maybe it’s a seasonal thing and the off-kilter week is a reflection of change in the air — hope your writing days are going better now!

    Tim, Thanks for your comment; so glad you enjoyed it…. the geese were amazing, no question. Maybe the loud music might not have been so bad if it hadn’t been at 7 a.m. and sunrise! Thank you so much for your comment and especially for your visit to my blog! Nice to meet you!