SLOW. Bump.

I’m telling you, it was foggy. And I don’t even remember this old car passing me. Ghosty, huh?

It’s been foggy lately, really foggy. So this morning, it was pretty audacious to think we could take our usual Sunday morning video of the beach overlook. But it didn’t stop us.
It should have stopped us because I was already in a bad mood. And we didn’t have much time.

Standing in our usual spot on the bridge, in the fog, I began to realize the folly of our way. We made several strategic errors this morning.

1. It’s foggy. Really foggy. You can’t see anything in the video. Nothing. Except the trees right in front of our face.

2. The traffic wouldn’t stop going by. And then, they would slow waaayyyy down as they passed us. For the first time ever, it seemed that people wondered What are they looking at?I was afraid someone would actually stop and ask me something like: Are you that weird blogger who posted a video of me walking my dog on the beach? (Thankfully no one stopped, but at least 10 cars went by and every single car slowed down. Every single one.)

3. We brought the dog. We rarely bring the dog. She (a) would not stop panting, I’m pretty sure you can hear her in the video, and (b) a well-meaning, very nice runner stopped to talk to her in the middle of one of my attempts to make the video. I’m pretty sure you can hear her (the runner, not the dog) talking to MEH (My Engineer Husband) at the end of the video.

4. I was going to wait a few minutes (after the traffic cleared and the runner went by) and make another video. But the camera’s batteries died. And we didn’t bring any back ups.

5. I thought about waiting until the fog cleared and going back and taking another video with new batteries. But instead, we need to return a coffee pot we bought yesterday (it leaks water all over the counter because it has a broken float). And we need to buy a dishwasher because that’s leaking on the floor and doesn’t get the dishes clean anymore. (MEH tried to fix it last night, but there’s too much wrong with it to make it worth the money to repair.)

6. Did I mention I’m trying to edit that first draft?

True confession time. I was grumpy. Really really grumpy. So, finally we gave up and sad to say, stuck with a video that you can see practically nothing of interest in (on viewing it at home, I did notice there is some nice birdsong in it, though!). We turned around to leave. As we did, yet another car slowed down. I grumbled to MEH. “Really? Another car slowing down? If they ask me what I’m looking at, I’m going to say: ‘didn’t you see the 7 moose right on the other side of the bridge?’”
Just then I noticed the sign about 8 feet from where I was standing: SLOW, Bump. And then I noticed the area under construction on the other side of the bridge, that drivers were clearly slowing down to avoid.

So, apparently everything really isn’t all about me. Not today anyway.

Ever had one of those days?



p.s. Oh, here’s the video.

(Sunday, September 17, 2011, 8:25 a.m. EST, 68 degrees F)


  1. Oh my, that is some intense fog. We used to get fog like that in Northern California and it always feels so “in your face”! I hope your Sunday gets better. Maybe you can use your mood as an excuse for alone time and work on your draft 🙂

  2. Pet says:

    Oh, but you made me laugh quite wildly with the bit about “Are you that weird blogger who posted a video of me walking my dog on the beach?”
    And the video itself (today’s, not the dog one) has got all that beauty of the sounds of nature. At least it has come like a nice refreshment for me after a good laugh about the dog one 🙂
    Thank you

  3. This was funny! I don’t remember any specific incidents, but your misreading of the reason the cars were slowing down sounds JUST like something I would do.

    The video was cool. With those slight rustlings at the beginning, it set up a spooky mood and I kept expecting a boogey man to leap out and scare the heck out of me. (The nice jogger with her cheerful chatter kind of spoiled that effect later on . . . except if I imagine that the boogey man was waiting in the bushes to leap out and scare HER. lol)

    I don’t blame you for being grumpy, with a broken dishwasher and coffee pot and a first draft waiting for you. I would be too. Good luck with your editing!


  4. Emma Pass says:

    Oh dear! I can see from your other videos that the view is stunning, though – you’re very lucky to live near such a beautiful spot.

  5. Couldn’t get the video to load but your description of the outing was hysterical. That picture was enough to convince me it was foggy. Better luck next week.

  6. We’re all allowed to be grumpy once in a while, Julia. And you certainly had cause for it :-). Tomorrow will be a better day … but you DID crack me up about the slowed traffic. If it ISN’T all about you, it SHOULD be!

  7. Sara, I’ve been in that Northern California fog before — now that is intense, can’t go anywhere fog! Thanks for your support & encouragement, hopefully I’ll get some drafte editing done later today!

    Pet, I’m glad to give you a good laugh! 😀 And I agree, the video was pretty refreshing. Isn’t it so funny that I didn’t even hear the birds while I was standing there?

    Milli, Glad you enjoyed! What’s so funny about not noticing the sign is that we’d JUST DRIVEN OVER the rough part in the road/bridge. I guess my grumpiness really dominated my thoughts, unfortunately! (p.s. as for the boogey man jumping out, I’ll see if Maggie can scare one up 🙂

    Emma, So happy you came by for a peek! I promise you (as you saw from others) we do have beautiful days, so I hope you’ll be back! Thanks again for visiting my blog; nice to meet you!

    SouthMainMuse, Glad you enjoyed the accounting of the hysterial outing. As I stood on the bridge, cursing at the cars it didn’t sound so amusing, but once I saw the sign, I couldn’t help but laugh! I suppose into each life a bit of fog must filter… or something like that!

    Melissa, It’s already a better day. Luckily MEH and I laugh about all our crazy escapades, so once we got on the road to errands, we had a great time. Now the fog’s lifted and all’s well! (p.s. and I’m glad SOMEONE understands that it SHOULD be all about me! 🙂

  8. Hilarious! Don’t you love it when little lessons come about like that– when you least expect it? Makes me believe someone out there is trying to tell us something. 🙂

  9. Haha! Love it. And love the fog too.

  10. Aww, I understand being a grumpy writer. 😉 But if it makes you feel any better, I love the fog! And the fact that it was too dense to see through is just exciting.

    The people slowing down were probably worried you were involved in an accident and didn’t want to collide with hidden vehicles strewn about the road.


  11. Stephanie, I especially love the life lessons that are staring me in the face, and I don’t even notice! 🙂 Glad you enjoyed my crazy morning!

    Cynthia, Glad you enjoyed the post; the fog WAS lovely (and of course gone within about an hour of making the video)!

    Ashlee, I love the fog, too… and the grumpy mood didn’t last long — about as long as it took me to write this funny post! 🙂

  12. Wow! That is some fog.

    Good luck with your new appliances. We just went through a phase where we had to buy a new washer, dryer, stove, fridge and gas grill (the old one burst into flames when we ignited it!). So much for the kids’ college funds…:)

  13. Karen, Thanks for your well wishes for our appliances, but I’m afraid we’re heading down your recent path…. the grill already bit the dust, the washer’s about to go, the new dishwasher arrives next week — thank goodness we have a dependable drier and fridge, knock on wood! And we already have kids in college… YIKES…. wish me well!

  14. Ann says:

    Oh, Julia….I’m sorry you were grumpy, but….bwahahahaha! A BUMP? That is hysterical. I would have done the same. Because MY world? Totally revolves around me!

  15. LOL you saved the best for last! Too funny that you were thinking it was all about you. I love how you strung me along, laying out your bad day and all your internal thoughts, saving the explanation for your title for the very end, which made me love it all the more! Clever girl, that Julia.

    I’m here about 2/3 through the day on Monday, so hopefully by now your mood has improved. *hugs* sometimes we’ve just gotta have a grumpy day!


  16. Ann, Glad you enjoyed! And yes, the BUMP realization moment was pretty funny. (p.s. grumpy mood gone today!)

    Barb, Glad you enjoyed and I was able to amuse you! I’m fine now, of course, that we’ve gotten our new coffee maker AND a new dishwasher (although it won’t be delivered until next week so I’m handwashing dishes…). And I got a good laugh in the car when I told my husband about the bump… honestly, what was I thinking? 😀

  17. I would DEF. NOT have thought about the Bump sign one iota! How gorgeous! After my chuckle I felt so peaceful to be watching this scenery….thanks for sharing your lil corner of the world!

  18. I’m having one of those days today, Julia. Do not feel bad. Those kinda days happen to the best of us by bring out the absolute worst. Oh, well. There’s always tomorrow!

    (Our new microwave just bit the dust this morning, so I feel your kitchen appliance pain.)

  19. Reelingintheyears, Glad you enjoyed the scenery (and very happy to provide a chuckle!). And especially glad to know I’m not the only one who wouldn’t notice the sign! 🙂

    Jolina, Sorry you too are having one of those days (mercifully mine is now over, perhaps because we’ve now shelled out all that money for a new dishwasher and it’s a done deal…). Sorry to hear about your new microwave — isn’t that the most frustrating thing!? There is always tomorrow 🙂

  20. Well all those things probably added up to no video. But you posted it anyway! It wouldn’t be a Sunday without your video (even though I’m commenting Monday). I love how you have weather and each week is so different.

  21. Leah, Next week we’ll resume our actually-viewable videos (unless it’s foggy again…). I’m so glad to hear you enjoy them and keep coming back to see them each Sunday. Thank you for being a loyal viewer (and for making my Monday!). 🙂

  22. Lisa Ahn says:

    This is hysterical, and so like my life. Thank you.

  23. Lisa, Glad you enjoyed and VERY glad I’m not the only one 🙂