Late Summer Wading on the Coast of Maine

Saturday, September 17, 2011, 12:46 p.m. EST, 65 degrees F

I could have called this post “Waiting” instead of “Wading” because right off camera there was a crowd of about 20 people obviously waiting for something or someone. They were all looking over the water into the distance, scanning the horizon.

The air was sharply cooler this week, and last night we had some light frost. It was only 37 degrees (F) when we went on our dog walk this morning….brrrr. A shock to the system and a harbinger of things to come.

Meanwhile in the garden….we still have tomatoes, green beans, and (hopefully) another crop of potatoes, if we can beat the heavy frost. The zinnias are providing a last blast of color.




  1. Ann says:

    Have fun on Sunday! What a crisp day! Brrrr….frost already? I’m not ready for fall and winter….and its cool here now, too! What happened to my hot summer?

    Your flower photos are stunning!

  2. Pet says:

    It seems the time to get ready for winter!

  3. So crisp and pretty! It definitely feels a bit cooler and autumn-ish here in San Diego. We haven’t gotten into the 30s, but still notably cooler. I like it 🙂

  4. 37 degrees? Oh my… and we’re still in the 100s. Your zinnias are gorgeous; hope the frost doesn’t polish them off. Lovely photos, Julia!

  5. Ann, I’m not ready for winter either, so I know exactly what you mean! But I am enjoying those zinnias everytime I go out the door!

    Pet, Yes, definitely time to get ready for winter… pretty soon I’ll be showing snow on the blog instead of green!

    Ashlee, Glad you enjoyed the flowers! 🙂

    Leah, I love the autumn too! San Diego is amazing at any season but I too love fall in southern Cal!

    Melissa, Our temps are over 60 degrees different — INCREDIBLE. Couldn’t we have some medium point, both of us, please? The frost will most definitely polish off the zinnias. But it will be a heavy one so we’ll have them a few more weeks. Then? wabi sabi….

  6. How beautiful your zinnias are! The only flowers I’ve planted on our land are the poppies I smuggled back from England. So far they’ve not sprouted, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed. I hope your frost doesn’t come too soon!

  7. I will have you know that when I move out of California (the day is coming) I’m now considering Maine.

  8. Jolina, I’m rooting for your poppies! Your comment brought back memories for me of my husband and my first house — a new house with no landscaping, we moved in when I was pregnant, we worked together on the house and the yard, and then in the spring our son was born. It was a wonderful time of life! (sound familiar? 🙂

    Sara, Maine is a nice place to live — although it can be hard to come in as an outsider (I did–we moved here from California&Colorado)…. Portland is a great city for young people! Good luck in selecting a place!

  9. Ado says:

    Pretty pretty picture. I love this time of year. And also the turn in seasons makes the little one sick more easily, so I have mixed feelings about it. I love this photo.

  10. I’m not ready for winter but I love autumn. Our nights are getting cold but days have been in the low 80’s, perfect! Love your flowers.

  11. Ado, Isn’t it so true about the mixed feelings of fall? I have those too…. I love the coolness and the change in colors but I feel sad that the kids are growing a little older (me too, okay), plus I always get sick in the fall, too, and it’s a slow slide to winter from here on out. I hope your little one has a healthier than usual fall!

    Badluckdetective, I feel just like you do — love autumn but not ready for winter! Low 80s as a cooldown is so funny from the Maine point of view since that’s a HOT day for us, but then, within about two months we may be 80 to 100 degrees COOLER than that… so hard to believe!