Gone Writin’

Tractors are always very cool, and this one was sitting out of
place at the baseball field near where we walk the dog.

MEH (My Engineer Husband) here. Julia can’t blog today because she’s writing, she’s writing her WIP, whatever that is. And the only analogy I can come up with is that when I’m working on an engineering solution, I hate to break my train of thought. Hence, I am doing my best to maintain the blogging presence for my Beautiful and Talented Wife (the BTW, as one of my favorite bloggers, economist Brad DeLong, calls his wife). 

Since I can’t write, I will put up other visuals. These are things I found so interesting that I actually took a photo of them. Thank you very much for your patience.


Some damage to our neighbor’s barn from Hurricane Irene.
I can visualize force vectors on the cuppola from the tree crashing upon it.

Cool looking moth I almost stepped on, on our porch.

I took this picture of a seagull while it was feeding on herrings.
I like this picture because I like to fly, and I wish I were the
bird, skimming across the water like this.

Bags I picked up at the Free Wall at the Town Dump, that were
later identified as belonging to a well-known rare book collector.


  1. So fun to see you, MEH, stepping in for BTW. I love that you share in the blogging priorities and love, even more, that Julia has found her writing wings! Love the photos; what a find with the bags!

  2. Erika Marks says:

    Hello, MEH! I’m so glad too that BTW has taken flight (we’re all birders here so the wing/flying analogies are probably going to be many!) and you’ve stepped in with some wonderful photos.

    Hope Katia doesn’t stir up trouble for all of us on the East Coast. I remember so many falls in Maine growing up when we’d lose a perfectly beautiful foliage season to a vicious storm. Hold on, leaves, hold on!

  3. This is adorable!

    (Whoops. I have a MEH of my own and I know that would not be the word he’d be looking to hear.)

    I loved everything about this post, including the *good writing.* :~) The photos are truly The Essence of MEH . . . though I must admit the last photo, the one of the bags that once belonged to a well-known rare book collector, sound more like Julia’s doing.

    I vote for more posts from MEH!

    ~ Milli

    P.S. So glad you’re taking over from Julia for such a wonderful reason – she’s too busy working on her WIP to blog. Three cheers for Gone Writin’.

  4. You are a saint, MEH!

    My husband would rather gouge his eyes out with a rusty spoon then attempt to help with a blog post.

    Love the pics and a big high five for stepping up. 🙂

  5. What a wonderful idea; I think I’m going to get my dear man to take over my blog, too! Tell Julia we’re behind her!

  6. Ann says:

    Hi there MEH! SO nice of you to take care of wordsxo while Julia is busy with a WIP!

    I like your photos…..they remind me of you! You did a great job, Julia would be proud!

  7. Julia here (MEH says “thank you for the kind comments,” but he draws the line at answering them): Thank you all for your understanding while I took the day to write.

    Melissa, Yep… still writing: about 2K words today! YAY!!

    Erika, Glad you enjoyed the photos! Katia sounds like it will miss us so I’m hoping we’ll keep the leaves, crossing my fingers!

    Milli, Glad you enjoyed MEH’s post. Believe me, those bags were DEFINITELY MEH’s find (no way I’d have brought them home!) AND he was the one who lined them up for the photo too!

    Hallie, HAHA. That rusty spoon gouging comment was hilarious! MEH is always game for trying things… once anyway! 🙂

    Jolina, MEH was a great sport — certainly not his favorite thing (to draw attention to himself)… but I’d love to see a post from your husband, too!

    Ann, I AM proud of MEH — blogging is not something he would ever do on his own, but he’s been incredibly supportive of mine (as he is of all my endeavors) which is wonderful!

  8. Nancy Kelley says:

    Greetings, MEH! Thanks for stepping in for Julia today–it’s always nice to see the family members giving us writers some extra time with our WIPs.

    Julia, 2K is a great day’s work. I’m hoping to go over some ed notes tonight before I knock off–let’s see how I do.

  9. Good to meet you, MEH! Your caption for the seagull made me think of an anime I enjoy, Azumanga Daioh. There is a giant cat/person (who is The Father to one of the young girls in the show). At one stage, he says, “I wish I were a bird”. Unfortunately, I might always think of you in conjunction with this now (not a bad thing! He’s just a very unusual character in a very unusual show, that’s all).

    Great to hear you’re so busy, Julia! Keep at it!


  10. I think you CAN write MEH. You should have a weekly.. engineering column?..called “ASK MEH” 🙂

  11. Ado says:

    OMG MEH stepping in for Julia writing her WIP. There are a whole lot of acronyms in there.
    I love people who are man enough to admit they can’t write because most everybody I know thinks they have a book in ’em even if they can’t put together a coherent or grammatically correct sentence – so – I applaud you for your honest self-assessment.
    My husband (also a MEH – no wait, he’s a Controlled Systems E and a Fuzzy Logic One – a CSEFLO doesn’t sound as good as a MEH though) – my MEH doesn’t even read my blog! I would not let him take over this helm oh no I would not. Lord knows what photos he would post and what he’d write about – fuzzy logic, maybe.
    Yours was good. (-:

  12. Nice to meet you, MEH! Also dig the pictures … those bags are awesome.

  13. Susan says:

    I echo everyone else. What a sweet hubby!

  14. MEH says he draws the line at answering comments — too time consuming! So Julia here fielding answers!

    Nancy, The work is still going strong, and it was great not to worry about the blog yesterday! I’m lucky to have a very supportive family; it really helps, but sometimes we have some weird dinners at weird hours! 🙂

    Ashlee, I think MEH will be very happy to hear that he is compared to the giant cat/person who wishes he were a bird. MEH is fanatical about flying and got his pilot’s license before he knew how to drive a car!

    Sara, MEH would never consider blogging on a regular basis, but I agree — he’s a much better writer than he thinks (and truth be told, he’s a pretty creative and funny person too).

    Ado, OMG, you’re so right about those acronyms! Yes, MEH is the first one to say he can’t write (I don’t entirely agree but that’s another story). Talk about acronyms, I may have a MEH but you’re so lucky to have a MCSEFLOH — a great name, don’t you think? Glad you enjoyed the post 🙂

    Mahesh, You have no idea how much MEH loves those bags…. Why I asked him? “They’re old school, quality stuff! Something you’d see Gregory Peck walk around with in TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD, and they’re HUGE!”

    Susan, Thanks so much, he’s a keeper! 🙂

  15. Thank MEH for the great glimpse into his life. Love the photos. That tractor shot is great! And good for you working on your WIP!

  16. Wow, that’s very impressive, Julia. Does he get to fly often? Have you been on a flight he’s piloted? 😀


  17. Leah, Writing up a storm — MEH is awesome with support & coffee, and now the blog! Glad you enjoyed the glimpse!

    Ashlee, He never flies as much as he’d like, and believe it or not — NO I’ve never been on a flight he’s piloted. I’m a nervous flier, LOL!