Hot and Muggy on the Coast of Maine

Sunday, July 24, 2011, 7:38 a.m. EST, 79 degrees F

The heat continued in Maine this week—and we hit the 100-degree mark for just the fourth time since the state started keeping records in the 1940s. With 72% humidity it was hard to do anything but sit inside by the under-performing window air conditioner.

Yet this morning a light drying breeze is in the air and our heat wave is over. I feel a little guilty about it, knowing that many of my friends—and especially my sweet daughter—are still in the grip of this terrible heat wave!

Meanwhile in the garden…we’ve harvested all the potatoes (there weren’t that many!), and today we’re planting more potatoes and beets in the potato bed.

Blueberries: we compete with the Bluejays for these!

I love the way the red cabbage looks while it’s growing, iridescent


  1. E.J. Wesley says:

    Such beautiful photos! I’m sorry for letting the heat get out of South Texas this year. We were trying to keep it all for ourselves. 🙂

    We’ve had well over a month of 100+ days, which is unusually hot even for us. I know how hard the heat can be on places/people that aren’t used to or prepared for it, so stay cool and indoors during the hot parts of the day.

    Honestly, that’s why I’ve always preferred cold to heat. You can always add more layers to stay warm, but the law only allows you to shed so much clothing to stay cool.


  2. Ann says:

    Your garden looks beautiful, Julia. The red cabbage looks like a flower!

    I am the opposite of EJ. I’m an indoor person, so I stay out of the heat, but the cold is not my thing – as pretty as snow is…

    It’s been warm in Florida, but not too bad and we have a new, massive AC unit!

  3. E.J., I’m so glad you enjoyed the photos! When you say how many 100+ days you get in South Texas, of course I feel guilty and like a wimp for complaining at all! I agree about cold….my husband and I were just talking about that yesterday. It’s so much easier to put on more layers (unless there’s a power outage of course, then we’re in REAL trouble! 🙂 Hope your next month is a little cooler; nice to see you today!

    Ann, I’ve been thinking that exact thing about the cabbage — they are so beautiful! And I am SOOOO envious of your massive AC unit. Lucky you!! (no wonder you can cook through the heat!)

  4. Barbarann says:

    HEAT DOME. Ugh! One more day before Ohio cools down. Even indoors, with sterling AC, it’s muggy and I’m losing. Sluggish, sleepy, dullard. The pics are such a pickmeup. Thanks.

  5. Cynthia Robertson says:

    Pretty purply-blues in the photos. Still hot and humid here. Glad it’s cooling for you, at least. =)

  6. Barbarann, I know exactly what you mean! I’ve felt quite sluggish and have done NO writing except some light blogging. Glad the pics offered a little relief from the ughs.

    Cynthia, I loved the purply blues too…thought the two went well together, glad you noticed! 🙂 Sorry you haven’t gotten any relief from your heat. Hopefully house & car AC now operating well?!

  7. Leah says:

    So cool you have blueberries! Do you cook with them when they’re ripe? Blueberry muffins sound so good!

  8. Leah, The blueberries barely make it into the house 🙂 we have three very small bushes so not much harvest, but when I buy them locally I love to cook blueberry muffins and even wrote a guest post about my favortite recipe (and how I came to get it) on a friend’s blog in May! Still, the fresh blueberries are AMAZING fresh from the bush!

  9. Arlee Bird says:

    Hot and muggy is not my favorite weather. Here in Los Angeles it doesn’t get overly hot most of the time and rarely is it very humid. Weather more to my liking. But it does look beautiful where you are.

    Tossing It Out

  10. Lee, I grew up near Los Angeles, so I know exactly what you mean about your weather — lovely! It’s quite beautiful here, and usually it’s cool enough that the humidity doesn’t cause problems, but when it does, it’s pretty miserable! Thanks so much for your visit & comment!

  11. We’re being slammed with a heat wave here, too, Julia (in TN). Yesterday it was so incredibly hot that I couldn’t take my ususal three mile walk, which I haven’t stopped regardless of heat or sleet. Oh, well. I’m sure the wave will stop overwhelming us soon. Thanks for the great pictures of your garden. I’m terribly jealous of your blueberries!

  12. Erika Marks says:

    At last! I heard from a reliable source (ie, Pop) that the heat had broken there–so glad for you all! Your blueberry picture is making me want to cry–usually we get there just in time and this year they weren’t ready–usually my husband and my dad go up to Streaked Mountain and come home with water bottles full of native blueberries–not the year! I miss that smell of warm, ripening blueberries on a mountain!

  13. Jolina, I have to admit the blueberries are pretty amazing (last year they were incredible), but for some reason, the weather and the birds are limiting how many we’re getting! Wish I could invite all my writer friends over for a blueberry and garden feast! Hope you get your walk in tomorrow!

    Erika, Yes, our heat wave is broken! I’m glad to provide a blueberry pic to remind you of good times; sadly not enough to fill a bottle though! I know what you mean about the smell — yesterday during the heat wave when I was out with the blueberries and raspberries, I thought a pie was baking! 🙂

  14. Oy! I hope you get a humidity/heat break soon. We had several days like that it was horrible. Now it’s back to the 80s and not humid.

    That cabbage picture is GORGEOUS!!!

  15. Nina, The heat wave broke that very same day — thank goodness! Glad you liked the cabbage photo; they are beautiful, but I wish I could’ve captured the way they radiate in the sunlight — amazing! (Can’t wait for the coleslaw, too!)