A Walk Down Memory Lane

My grandmother standing in front of her house,
surrounded by just a few of the flowers in her garden!
Today I hope you’ll check out my guest post at Milliver’s Travels….

Last week I posted a blog about my grandmother and how I used to visit her in the summer—and how she taught me a lot about gardening and bird watching but mostly about home.
Well, as it turns out, my online friend Milli lives in the very next town over from Poland, Ohio, where my grandmother lived! Milli has a wonderful travel blog called Milliver’s Travels, and Milli offered to take a field trip to see what Poland (and my grandmother’s house) are like today! After the visit to Poland, which Milli found to be just as enchanting as I remembered—she suggested the guest blog on Milliver’s: “combo of old-fashioned vacation news with modern-day small town adventure,” to quote Milli.
I loved the photos Milli shared with me from her field trip to Poland. They caught me up on what’s been going on in the town I wanted to call home! So, please head over to my post on Milliver’s Travels to see more about Poland, Ohio

—and to see updates and pictures of places I wrote about in my post.



  1. Ann says:

    It was a GREAT post and pictures. What a fun, fun continuation of your story…Thanks!

  2. Hi Ann, So glad you enjoyed the continued story — I was so happy to see my grandmother’s house looking so wonderful!

  3. Annie says:

    How fun to find someone else familar with small town Poland. I lived here 17 years and can say it was a great place to grow up. I remember much of the history of Poland thanks to Mr. Wilkenson, my 7th grade Ohio history teacher who insisted on each of us trapising around the village to really learn the history of the town. I can impress even my parents with knowing the origional name of the town was Fowler, there’s an Underground Railroad tunnel next to the library, and President McKinley lived in Poland for a short time. While our small town has grown up, its still a wonderful place to call “home”.

  4. Annie, If you read my other post about my grandmother (on July 15 or at Millivers) then you know that I’m mighty envious of you growing up in Poland! I love the new tidbits I’ve learned from you! I no longer know anyone who lives there, but it’s great to know that although it’s grown up it’s still a good place to call home! Thank you so much for your comment & your visit to my blog!