Thank you and 7 (More!) Random Things

I hadn’t planned to post a blog this morning… but…then…I found out that Lisa Kramer at Woman Wielding Words gave me two awards today! 

Receiving these two awards—out of the blue!—was very sweet in itself, but the words Lisa wrote on her blog post today made her awards all the sweeter:

I literally found Julia’s Blog, Wordsxo a few days ago. But, I am so impressed by her writing and her insightful comments. I look forward to exploring her blog more thoroughly, and hope she accepts this honest award. I think many of you will enjoy and understand her post about writing in the summer from yesterday, as many of us seem to be struggling to find balance this summer. Go, read, enjoy and celebrate her awards.

Lisa is a new blogger friend, but I love her blog already! She writes from the heart about things that are important to her (and probably to many of us!) To Lisa: thank you is not a good enough word (okay, not a good enough TWO words) to express how I feel this morning. I’ve written in a vacuum for many, many years with very little feedback—so it is very, very sweet to have started blogging (just four short months ago) and be accepted and encouraged and appreciated by so many other wonderful bloggers and writers. That is the only “award” I really need, but this is just sweet icing on the cake. So thank you Lisa, so much!

The conditions of these awards are to name seven random facts about me and then to present the awards to other favorite bloggers. I recently named fifteen of my favorite bloggers in this post when receiving the Versatile Blog award, and I will refer you to that blog to hear about some of my favorite blogs.

And just in case you aren’t bored with me yet, here are seven more really very random facts about me (I hope they’re new facts!):

1. My favorite candy bar (today) is Baby Ruth. Tomorrow it will be something else!

2. I had a short romance story published in Woman’s World magazine.

3. I once wrote a 400 page technical manual in 2 weeks (after the writer who was supposed to be writing it in the group I managed at HP had a “nervous breakdown” AKA she procrastinated).

4. I’ve been to two live performances of A Prairie Home Companion (one in Laramie, Wyoming, and one in Portland, Maine).

5. My favorite pizza is Hawaiian (yes, ham and pineapple) and I always put hot pepper flakes on it!

6. We have a very small oak tree (named Oakie!) in our yard that we grew from an acorn.
7. I’m afraid of heights but I once rode a gondola to the top of Keystone Mountain Resort in Colorado, took a tram up the Matterhorn in the Swiss Alps, and even once visited the top of the World Trade Center.

Please leave a comment and share a random fact (or 7!) about you!!

Cheers (and thanks again, Lisa!),

p.s. Another big thank you to Liz of a belle, a bean, and a chicago dog for giving me a +K in writing on Klout (a new-to-me social networking index I’m just learning about)! I would encourage you all to check out Liz’s blog and her recent syndication on Blogher!


  1. Congrats on receiving more blogging awards, Julia. You certainly deserve them, as well as the warm feelings expressed by Lisa Kramer about finding your blog. I felt the same way the moment I found your blog (and still do).

    I just adore Oakie! Not only is he cute and precious, I’m impressed that you grew him from an acorn.

    Lucky you to have seen two live performances of A Prairie Home Companion. I’ve only seen the movie but would love to see it live.

    1. I’m a double Aquarian.
    2. After living in Australia for 25 years, I came back to the US with a thick Aussie accent. Sadly, it has faded away after 14 years back in the land of my birth.
    3. My favorite colors are red and purple.
    4. I hate being possessed by an earworm, and I’m extremely prone to them. I often even wake up in the middle of the night with some annoying tune stuck in my head.
    5. Fear of snakes is one of my biggest fears.
    6. Wally Lamb’s I Know This Much is True is my all-time favorite novel.
    7. I had a recipe published once (a long time ago) in Women’s Weekly, a popular glossy magazine in Australia.

  2. Liz says:

    You are so sweet and thoughtful that people are going to start thinking I pay you! HAHA!

    You deserve the +K in writing, so don’t thank me. 🙂

    Also, Craig ADORES pineapple and canadian bacon on his pizza, and has gotten me hooked on it as well.

  3. CMSmith says:

    Good work on the romance story. Do you have a link to it on your blog?

    My matching random fact is that I had a non-fiction story (actually two) published in St. Anthony Messenger. The second one contains material I’m using in my memoir.

  4. Ann says:

    I am SO happy for you! Congratulations! You deserve it! A random thought about me? I consider myself an accomplished cook, but I love McDonalds!

  5. Milli, Thank you so much for your comment/congrats/compliment! Isn’t Oakie so cute? And you’d be amused because we frequently say: “How’s Oakie doing?” like he’s a person. Like he’s a he? 🙂 Cool facts about you. I always wanted an Australian accent so I’m envious! And I’ve also wanted to have a recipe published — I need to work on that! Great facts!

    Liz, WAIT…. you’re NOT paying me?????? And ever since I wrote this blog all I can think about is the Hawaiin pizza! I think I know what’s for dinner TONIGHT! 🙂

    Christine, Thanks (about the romance story), but NO WAY will I link to it! 🙂 it’s a cute little story, but not going to be on my blog, no way, no how! That’s awesome that you had those two nonfiction stories published!

    Ann, Thanks! That’s so funny about McDonalds! (Here’s another random fact: I love their fish filet sandwiches….but true confession: ever since I read Fast Food Nation, I have not been able to go back there!)

  6. Lisa Ahn says:

    Yeah! Congrats! Your writing IS both stylish and sweet 🙂
    ~ lisa ahn

  7. Lisa, Thank you so much! What a really nice compliment!! Glad you enjoy my blog!