Two Video Postcards from the Coast of Maine with love from wordsxo

Note: We’ve been pretty disappointed with the quality of Blogger video uploads, so today for the first time we first uploaded the video to youtube. I’m glad to say that by doing it this way, the video postcard is of much higher quality. 

Sunday, March 27, 8:35 a.m. EST, 32 degrees F

We went to the bridge overlook twice this morning: once at sunrise and again at 8:35.

The first time (video shown below) reminded me of the old saying: pink sky in morning, sailors take warning; pink sky at night, sailor’s delight. It was very peaceful with gently lapping waves from the outgoing tide. Although the video was beautiful, it’s fairly unremarkable in lack of movement other than the water ripples, with no birds in sight.

By the time we returned at 8:35 (video shown above), the wind had picked up and it felt much colder with wind chill. It’s a little discouraging because it feels a lot more like winter than it does like spring. But that’s the way the seasons are in Maine: one step forward and then two back. I wish the wind weren’t so fierce, so you could hear all the bird life; we’re pretty sure we also heard seals, probably from a farther away rock ledge where they like to hang out. The gulls and ducks and other birds float by in this video, which is fun to watch. Still, I can’t help but shiver as I watch them, glad that I can go home to a hot cup of coffee!

Sunday, March 27, 6:35 a.m. EST, 20 degrees F


  1. The early-morning video was absolutely gorgeous with the delicate colors.

    I could hear two kinds of bird calls in the 8:35 video, despite the wind.

    I’m in Ohio – probably not *quite* as cold as Maine – and today I took a walk in the 38 degree weather because the Spring day was just too beautiful not to. But the cold was definitely a major challenge to my fingers, even though I had fleecy gloves on.

    I was a wuss and went for my jaunt in the middle of the day. I enjoyed taking your sunrise excursion by proxy. 🙂

  2. You’re our (MEH and I do this together!) first video commenter, YAY! I’m so glad you enjoyed the sunrise; it was so worth going out, incredibly lovely. It actually felt colder later in the day because of the wind, but I’m glad you could still hear the birds! Isn’t Spring so great? We’ve waited so long! Thanks again for the comment and enjoying the view!

  3. It’s adorable that you and your MEH do the videos together. I have a travel blog that I do just for fun called Milliver’s Travels. I don’t have anything about Maine. If you’d like to do a story about something in your local area and shoot a new video for it, I’d love to have you as a guest blogger.

  4. Absolutely I’d love to do a guest blog story/video for Milliver’s Travels about Maine! Fabulous idea!