Accepting the Throwdown!

Dear Jenny and Amanda,

Ever since I started blogging, my WIPs have suffered. I’ve visited them occasionally, but we’ve drifted apart in the last six weeks. And I miss them. My best fiction friends, Annie and Maggie, are more forgiving than real friends might be. But that only makes it worse. Maybe if they were calling and emailing and knocking on my door, I wouldn’t have such an easy time ignoring them so much.

So, the other day when I read about your #1KWord Challenge Throwdown on Read. Write. Suffer, I decided this was just the thing I needed to kick myself in the rear to get going again.

To quote Jenny’s blog:

So, Amanda (from Amanda’s Wrinkled Pages) and I have been challenging each other to a type of literary throwdown. Last Thursday the challenge was to write 2000 words but there was no time limit, the next day 1000 words again with no time limit. It worked really well and helped both of us be less lazy with our writing and produce, produce, produce, so we decided to make it a recurring challenge.

You asked: “Who else will join in?” And here’s the best part: anyone who participated would tweet their word count and start and stop times to you!

This idea really appealed to me: a) I love a challenge. b) I would need to be accountable to someone. c) I had to do something!

So, this morning I say thank you from the bottom of my heart. Great challenge! Great idea! In case anyone missed it on Twitter, here is the tweet I sent Jenny when I was done with my challenge:

@jetchez Start time 11:07 a.m. EST, 1027 words, end time 11:35 a.m. EST. #1Kwordchallenge Thanks for giving me a great push!

What I didn’t tweet was this, in addition to the challenge, yesterday I also wrote a 960 word blog and a writing prompt on Creative Copy Challenge!

So, although we’ve never met, I wanted to write you this letter to let you know that yesterday was a great writing day, motivated by two great bloggers. Thank you again so much!

When’s the 2000 word challenge?



p.s. Have you checked out Amanda Hoving’s and Jenny Torres Sanchez’s blogs? (They will not disappoint!)

Have you ever participated in a writing challenge? How has it helped? Are you ready to join the #1KWordChallenge or #2KWordChallenge?


  1. Ellie Ann says:

    That’s awesome!

  2. Thanks for coming by to visit! I appreciate the support!

  3. Julia,

    Thanks so for this lovely mention. I’m so glad the challenge motivated you and gave you an extra little push! And it’s so awesome that you wrote a blog post and participated in another challenge the same day! You were on fire, girl!

    Hope to see you next week. Happy writing! And please excuse my overuse of exclamation marks, I’m just so excited that the challenge helped you!


  4. Jenny, So glad you dropped by to read your letter! 🙂 You and Amanda definitely gave me a HUGE push so the thanks are all mine. You will definitely see me next week, no question. Meanwhile, I’ll keep up the writing. (And no apology necessary for exclamation marks, I love them too!!!!!) Nice to make a connection, Julia

  5. Wow, Julia! Thank you for sharing this — I’m so glad it helped you out. And now you’ve motivated me to hit my word counts for the day. Thank you!

  6. jpcabit says:

    I did the #1Kwordchallenge last night and it was AWESOME!!!! (I reached 2k) So inspirational. So great to just write and see where words took me. What? Wait for it to come around every thursday? I might just do it every day!!! I think I might do #2Kwordchallenge today…

  7. Amanda–It’s amazing what a challenge and some inspiration will do. Thank you again so much for the challenge and for dropping by my blog! Julia
    p.s. loved your writing apathy blog! 🙂

    jpcabit–I agree, the #1Kwordchallenged is AWESOME!! Plus, I think I may be motivated by challenge and accountability…if it works, why not? Right? Thanks for dropping by! Julia

  8. Cathy says:

    Yes a structure of some sort is imperative for me. A year ago I worked with an online mentor and 5 other novelists for 6 months and was at my most prolific. And depending on the season – summer in particular – I will often not write for days on end. Which is why in 2 years I’ve finished just 2/3s of the first draft of my first novel! Good luck to you all!

  9. I love the idea of a mentor, sounds great! I hate to say it but I work best on deadline or with a challenge (or even in — gulp — competition!). It’s also so helpful and interesting to hear the way other writers manage their time and projects. Thanks for dropping by again, Julia