Video Postcard from the Coast of Maine with love from wordsxo

(Recorded Saturday, February 19, 3:50 p.m.) 33 degrees F

A Very, very windy and blustery day at the Maine beach overlook today. It’s warmer this week, but not with the wind chill! It feels so much colder than when we took the video on February 13th. And, possibly for the first time ever, my teeth were cold.

It’s a shock to the system—because we went from almost 50 degrees on Friday to this. It looks prettier—all the ice is gone from the beach and water—but the wind is howling. And (perhaps needless to say) we didn’t see any other people, just birds. BRRRRRR.

What did this inspire? Hot coffee, stew for dinner, and hopes that the Punxsutawney Phil was right and we’re in for an early spring!

Cold Greetings from the coast of Maine!



p.s. the stew was delicious! What’s your favorite comfort food when it’s cold outside? If you live in a climate that has great changes in temperature, is it warming up (or getting colder) where you are? How does this affect your writing?