Tomorrow is the New Today

Today was going to be the first day of the rest of my life. As far as writing schedule goes anyway. As previously disclosed in yesterday’s blog, blogging has thrown a wrench into my schedule. To be specific: I no longer have a schedule.

But today was the day that was all going to change. My only client meeting was cancelled (thank you Mother Nature!), so I was determined to whip myself into shape, and:

1. Not check email, or

2. Twitter, or

3. Any blogs I follow, or

4. Even glance at the stats for my blog.

Until I:

a. Wrote today’s blog.

b. Finished revising a piece of flash fiction that I still need to cut 200 words from.

c. Wrote the 900 words I committed to writing everyday (except now it’s 900×10=9000 words, because I’ve missed 10 days of writing due to blogging).

d. All of the above.

But then I woke up this morning with Tweeter’s Neck or Blogger’s Shoulder—I’m not sure which but definitely something to do with computer ergonomics. And now, with my neck in a holding pattern, I can only think about:

1. Coffee.

2. Advil and Tylenol.

3. Swiffering the unbelievably dog-hairy kitchen floor—which I was easily able to notice thanks to the new angle of my neck.

4. Reading and tweeting (and griping) about the impending snowstorm—another 6-10 inches today. Thank you Mother Nature.

5. Sprinting (or some other much less graceful facsimile) up the stairs to make sure the oil delivery guy didn’t see me in my bathrobe.

6. The shooting pain in my neck when I (a)drink coffee, (b)swiffer, (c)tweet, (d)sprint/facsimile upstairs (e)all of the above and more.

And especially:

7. The heating pad on the couch.

I’m glad that I at least fulfilled my commitment to daily blogging (or some facsimile thereof).



p.s. Unfortunately I did not read the really good and very helpful post “Protect Yourself From Writing’s Physical Hazards” on Writeitsideways until I spent far too many stretch-free hours in front of the computer this week. But I highly recommend that you read it (and stretch) now. Trust me you’ll be glad you did.


  1. Love this! My problem today is major distraction. So much great stuff to read and absorb on the Internet.


  2. Suzannah says:

    Thanks for mentioning my article! Much appreciated. Good luck with all your writing, and take care of yourself along the way!

  3. @Cheryl I finally did settle down and do some revising….and
    @Suzannah my neck is really paying for it now!

  4. malkie says:

    It’s good to remember that today is the tomorrow we talked about yesterday, and the yesterday we will talk about tomorrow.