Lessons from an Artist

Last night I went to an art show at a small library in a nearby town. One of my friends had two paintings in the show, and although I primarily went to see her paintings, I also went to support her creative goals. I knew it had not been an easy decision for her to put herself out there.

It struck me this morning that me blogging is exactly like my friend displaying paintings in the show. Writing is a peculiar profession; we write things that may never be read by anyone. Or, if you’re a writer for hire like I am, you may work anonymously or even have another person’s name attached to your work.

The writing for hire part is still fine with me—so far it’s how my bread stays buttered. But for some reason, I am no longer okay thinking that no one will ever see any of the fiction or creative non-fiction I write. Which brings me to my goals for blogging.

1. Get my writing out there! Specifically, blog at least five times a week, preferably every day.

2. Help me to reinforce my goal of writing every day.

3. Promote my writing. Specifically, figure out how what still feels like a giant swarm of craziness (blogging and Twitter and Facebook and all other online social networking) works together to support my writing goals.

4. Meet more writers/creators and build relationships and readership.

5. Encourage writers of all kinds in their writing endeavors, whatever those might be.

Closely tied to these blogging goals, are my personal writing goals (I wasn’t blogging first thing in 2011, so I missed having a new year’s resolution blog):

1. Finish the rough draft of one novel-in-progress.

2. To help meet Goal #1, write at least 900 words a day (this does not count the blogging or writer-for-hire words I write).

3. Submit at least two queries in the year.

4. Build writing/editing clients (for writing for hire).

I’m interested to know…. has blogging helped you achieve your writing goals? What, if anything, would you do differently? What advice do you have as I’m starting out?

Cheers, Julia